Friday, July 10, 2009

A whole new chapter

  • Its been a week since I started my job as a lecturer at KPTM Bangi.
  • I have to admit that its a totally new world for me.
  • But so far the transition from student's life to working life is flowing smoothly. Thank god for that.
  • 1st of July marked a whole new chapter in my life. Im lucky because I have an old friend who co-incidentlly got the same offer as mine.
  • His name is Hanis a.k.a Kepah hailing all the way from Jitra Kedah.
  • Then there this gentleman that I met on the first day. He is a new lecturer too but he is quite old. So I call him ayahanda. But most of the time we will use "aku" and "kau" to communicate.haha.
  • So the 3 of us always hang out together and learn the way of life in KPTM.
  • So far I love my job. Its great. I have my own room, my own table,chairs and I even have my own pendrive given by KPTM. Isnt that cool?
  • Hope things will stay like this for a long - long time.
  • I love my life. I love you. Thank you. ;D


Liisa said...

marlisa likes this. haha

Anonymous said...

u love me? awww~ me too. haha. yay sudah kerja, bole belanja, student mcm saya, oh sungguh rhyme yea!

PeaRLaLa said...


Askidah Olumis said...

kide likes this too!!!wah izzat ko dah start keja!!cool... i'll start next week. hampa harapan x dapat Pulau ni!!! :P