Thursday, December 29, 2011

3 hari

  • Dalam masa tiga hari, macam-macam boleh terjadi.
  • Dalam tiga hari, perang boleh terjadi.
  • Dalam tiga hari, makanan boleh basi.
  • Dalam tiga hari, cinta boleh bersemi.
  • Dalam tiga hari, sesuatu yang indah menanti.
  • Apa bakal terjadi pada anda dalam masa tiga hari?
  • Lu fikirlah sendiri.

Friday, December 23, 2011


In just about one and half week, I will be done with my training. As for now I am still a trainee. But my training days are counted and I cant wait to end this.

After two years of roller coaster ride, I cant believe it is almost the end. Entering the institution as a fresh man, I crawl my way through the training. Of course I share my share of ups and downs during the training.

So faster, I've met some brilliant mentors who taught me a lot. Dr Faiz, Dr Ain, Dr Vijay and Dr Shameen just to name few, are good mentors. They help me to nurture the knowledge within me. Help me to see angels that I have never seen before. Train me hard so that one day I could be a mentor just like them.

Nothing but a sincere thank you to all who have been with me in this journey. Now, I have to face one last obstacle before all of you can call me MASTER.

p/s- Lets hope I will not turn into the dark side like what Anakin did. Muahahah!

Master Obi one kenobi

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I got to admit it. Every time I want to walk into a classroom full of students, I will feel nervous. I kept thinking on what I have to say, what kind of jokes I should crack, what kind of face I should wear and thousand other questions. Even with experience of 2years, the feeling of nervous still there and breeds everyday.

Reality check.

Nervousness is normal. Any chap who said that they dont feel nervous might fall into one of these two groups. first they are liar. secondly they are superman. As simple as that.Its normal to have such feeling. As a human born, I cannot escape but to feel nervous every time people put on expectation on my shoulder.

I guess it is the part and parcel of being a normal human being. Even stadium rockers have their own nervy moment.

p/s- oh how I wish I have super power. I want the power of shooting beans from my fingers so that i can help those sleepy heads in class to wake up. Aim....Fire!!! Haha!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Zaman susah

Nanti bila anak2 tanya, "ayah cemana zaman ayah muda-muda dulu?" Apa akan kita jawab?

Zaman ayah dulu susah. penuh dengan demonstrasi. Tunjuk perasaan sana sini. Belum kira jenis yang main ludah, tampar, pecah, bakar dan tembak.

Zaman ayah dulu susah. Tak boleh berhibur tanpa menggunakan otak setiap hari perlu fikir mana hitam mana putih. Tak boleh malas-malas. Nanti di tipu dan di tindas.

Zaman ayah dulu susah. Semua nak bebas. Bersuara nak bebas. Berpersatuan nak bebas. Sampai nak tuju lubang mana pun nak bebas. Bebas menjadi pegangan hidup.

Zaman ayah dulu susah.

Tak ramai

Tak ramai tahu kerja mengajar ni perlukan seseorang yang mantap. Mantap dari segi ilmu, tenaga dan juga gaya. Sebagai contoh, jika seseorang itu tidak mantap dari segi ilmu, macam mana mahu jawab soalan anak murid yang semakin power. Buatnya dia tanya apa beza gerund dengan present continuous.

Dasarnya nak ajar orang kena ajar diri sendiri dulu. Bagi mantap dan power. Jangan ikut sangat GTO tu. Itu kartun. nak tgk cikgu betul pergi sekolah.

p/s- anda tau bezanya?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Saya dia mereka

We need new breed of leaders to lead us.

Those who have been at the helm for too long can consider retirement.

Plus if you are not an A-list leader, please step down for the benefits of everyone.

Sacrifice has to be made.

Me? I am a good leader. I will continue my reign. Dont question my ability. Thank you.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's here


For some it is a festive period. All those joyful thought and happiness really kick in at this time of year. Great to see positive vibes are everywhere.

For me. It signifies the last hurdle of my not-so-fortunate-yet-meaningful adventure. Im racing against time. Every tick of the clock counts.

Come what may, I'll face it as a true man. I am a gallant fighter.

P/s- I aint adroit but adaptable.