Friday, December 28, 2007

Standing here in front of the mirror
Nameless shadow colors the background
Every now and then waiting for a light
To chase away all the shadow of doubts

Still I standing here in front of the mirror
The shadow is overwhelmed it cast a spell
A spell that drowns thousand souls
Can’t break the spell
lost control

Is it me or the shadow?
That colors the background and cast the spell?
I better run away
Far from everything
To see colors again.

cool covers

saya dan separuh cp di kedai kelantan kegemaran kawan2

hey ho everybody

on one faithfull afternoon, i was just browsing the internet hoping to stumble upon some fun and hip i try guess its just my luck.when my finger busy clicking the mouse, i found something that is really cool.when i say its cool,its really really really cool.there, on the webpage i found a hip video featuring a cute girl singing with her guitar.

it turned out that she is the new phenomenon on youtube. she took the net by storm by covering some of the hottest hits around.the most recognised song she did is umbrella by rihanna.she put a new dimension in the soong and i can hear the song with a whole new perspective. she even do britney's gimme more.she's great!!

she plays guitar.her voice is like heaven.she's cute. she rocks!!haha.

owh.her name is MARIEDIGBY. check her out.=)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Love lost

i fail again.but unlike the previous one, i manage to read the sign well.i guess im mature enough to recognised between green and red light. i feel like a big joke.but anyhow i shouldnt fel like that. i should be proud of myself. like my fren said, 'Its her loss'. Haha.

If you lose me, you lose a good thing, that one thing i know for sure - Tim Armstrong
Move along - All american Reject
So i wave you goodbye my all fren in this lullaby - Lucy in the loo
She doesnt notice that i love her.. - Y2k

selamat tinggal =)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Black December

haha.lagi satu blog yang bertajuk ala2 gelap kambing black metal

oleh svbb lama tak menulis so aq decide nak tulis 2 blog dalam masa 15.gempak tak?

cuti yang gelap

haha. tajuk blog je dah kontroversi. aq dah lama tak tulis blog pasal umah aq tak de internet connection.biasa a nak pasang streamyx reda je a.

cuti2 ni aq banyak buang masa walaupun aq takde byk sgt masa sbb umur aq dah meningkat. satu benda yg aq slalu buat masa cuti ni ialah pegi gig, show dan sewaktu dgnnya. kira aq bdk2 gig a skang.haha. selalunya aq g tgk HUJAN a.sampai member2 panggil aq groupie HUJAN.pape je a.layan....

tapi semenjak dua menjak ni timbul rasa bosan tahap pitching tinggi tgk HUJAN. aq agak sbb dah selalu sgt tgk diorg. diorg pon dah selalu sgt tgk bosan a. jadi aq pilih utk tidak pegi gig atau show HUJAN buat sementara waktu. aq nak g tgk BITTERSWEET dgn THEY WILL KILL US ALL> baru ganas tahap gaban. untung2 buleh makan kasut converse mamat yg tgh buat body surf !! dah bosan tahap breakdance aq sign out.papai.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

New kind of happiness

just when you think there is no hope.when you think the whole world has turn its back on you,something happen.i would say miracle happen.suddenly everything is back on track again.your dark tunnel is brighten by glorious light.isnt it great?

that is how i feel right now.regardless my super duper mega busy schedule, i feel great about myself.i ve finnaly feel appy happines starts with an A. =)

Friday, September 21, 2007





im such an ignorant person. when everyone is busy doing their work, im busy sleeping on my not-so-comfortable i dont feel like to do any work lately.sometimes i wonder what is wrong with me?why such attitude apperas in such times when everybody is struggling to finish up their work? i dont have the answer rite now.maybe sooner or later this lazy feeling will fade away and i'll be the good old izzat again.haha.

anyway i got so much in my mind that i cant decide what to write

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No title

aq tak tau nak ckp pe ntah. ive just finish the bziest weekend so far and im emotionally unstable. br je 2 hari lepas dia confess yg dia tak rasa ape yg aq rasa.hehe.rasa mcm loser plak tgh suka2 keja dah abes aq emo2 len pas keja ada awek utk melepak, aq tak de sesapa. tapi tak pe.hidup musti tabah.tak mau sedey2. nanti xbesh.


aq tak mau mimpi lagi!!

Friday, August 31, 2007


i went to langkawi last week as a research assistant.i was awesome.i get to be in a flight for the very first time and it also my first time to be in langkawi. Ive made some new friends.Shah,Ayu,Emily,Nazrin,Lia and many more. They are great bunch of people.if i have the chance i'll definetely want to go to langkawi again.SWEET MEMORIES THAT I WILL CHERISH FOR EVER!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I went to JINBARA showcase. Pehal lu?

yes written on top, i went to JINBARA mini showcase at RUUMS KL last night. i was accompanied by adib, hadi and abok. its my first time to be at such venue.mmg jakun abes a.haha.the show was great and entertaining. eventho the place was full wit mat rempit, rock kapak guys i still managed to enjoys myself.unfortunately i dunno many of their most of the time i just starred at them without any particular emotions.ahaks! neway i had to admit that they are very talented especially their guitarist.all in all it was a great show!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

it still exist!!

for the first time since the last time i feel so alive!! i just found out sumthing that makes me hepi.i cant describe what i feel ryte now.but all i can say is i still have a chance.all i need to do is just be myself.but that is the hardest part.all this while i tot im myself but others think im not? how to be myself? how do myself look like? its really confusing and sometimes its strees me up real bad! haha.ntah la.pape pon i'll do my best to keep my hope alive.mcm team EPL yg nak kena relegate, i really need to first step is get to know myself.hahaha.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ranjau band

its been a while huh? i rarely hv tyme to sufr the internet lately.been bz with some course far lyfe is ok.eventho nothing interesting happen but still my life is great.couldnt been better.thank you allah.thank you everyone.

its already august.come to think about it it almost a year since i break up with 'her'. being single is kinda good actually. i have nothin to worry about and i feel free.haha.but sometimes the loneliness do get on my nerve.i admit sometimes i feel like crying but i keep telling myself that im strong enough to handle this.afterall boys dont cry.yeah!!

up there is my band's logo.i made it myself.eventho its not an official logo but its kinda cool eh?

so long..

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tevez Zevet

My frustration is growing bigger when i heard that the tevez deal is getting more complicated.come on..settle this problem quickly. the EPL will start in less than one utd need another striker to ensure their glory.Im one hardcore fan. i dont want my favorite team to lose their title to some unclassy teams like liverpool or chelsea.

glory2 man utd!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jadual ku mcm sialan

This semester sux. thats all I can say about this semester so far. firstly my timetable is all mixed up and i have nite classes for 3 nites in a row.isnt that great? i'll become a fuckin nocturnal once this sem is over.haha. then come my personal problems. it seems that my problems will not be solve in the near future. but i'll keep on praying hoping for better days.cayok2!!

opportunist is what i am =)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Adakah anda pernah?

Have you ever felt like this?

Scene 1
You seem to have the worst day of your life. You just broke up with your girlfriend, your cat pet die, you just had a terrible accident, you friends hate you and you hate yourself for being who you are. In other words, the world has turned its back on you.

Scene 2
At the same time you have this great thing going on tomorrow. Let say you have a performance with your band mates. This is the greatest show of all time. You will play in front of 30 000 people in an arena. You need to focus on the show. You throw all of your negative thoughts away and try to concentrate. You forget about your ex, you cat, your car and your so-called friend. You go on and hit the stage. You play the guitar and sing like nobody ever did before. Looking at the large crowd, you really enjoy yourself.

Scene 3
Once the show is over, the fans had fled away; you will be all by yourself again. You are not the fans favorite singer anymore. And once again you’re stuck with your problems…

Have you ever felt like this? I have. In fact I always have this kind scenario. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t really know how to deal with problems the right way. I tend to keep all my problems in my chest and wait until it explodes.

Never mind. Forget about me and my problems. All I want to do is to emphasis the power of our mind. We are the master of our own self. Maybe we don’t know how our brain works but we still have the power to control it. From my story can you see that we can’t feel what ever we want to feel if we are really focused? We have the right to choose whether to be happy or sad. So, the moral of the story is don’t waste your time to feel sad, depress and whatsoever. Life is too short to be thrown away. Be happy. If I can do it why can’t you?

Simplicityofthemind =)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This is another poem from my collection. i really sux tho~

Era kegelapan

Berputar – putar
Masa berlalu dengan pantas
Segala yang ku beri tanpa balas
Di harap kan kembang indah

Oh angin
Bawakan ku berita
Tentang dirinya yang entah di mana
Ceritakan perihalku kepada si dia
Ku tak membenci
Tetapi merindui

Hati ku berlohong
Tak ingin ku berbohong
Fikiran berkecamuk
Bagai dilanda taufan ribut

Ku tak mengerti perasaan ini
Haruskah ku terus menanti
Kata kawan ia berbaloi
Tapi hati ku tak tertanggung lagi

Hari pun terus berlalu
Angin pun terus bertiup
Hati ku pincang lagi
menanti seusatu yang tak pasti
thanks for the sweet memories. i'll cherish it forever.*sigh*

This is where the fire started
In the land of nothingness
Everything has its own worth
We’ll wait until the flower blooms
But still the moon can’t smile upon us
The trip that feels so long
In the circle of life we go around
Mistakes that we made
Friends that we forget
Haunting like the spirit of the death
Up upon the hill
Where everything is against our will
Will we survive?

Saturday, June 30, 2007

First time since the last time

its been a while since the last time i write sumthing. well im on holiday and internet access is hard to get. i hate to go to the cybercafe since the cafe here is full of little brats who spend their allowance at the cafe.they play stupid games, listen to rubbish songs and they make the cafe as if it is their own house.pening aq.haha.

well the new semester will start i'll be writing my blog regularly. cant wait to get back to the faculty and make my self there issomeone who i really2 wanted to see.rindu la plak.. =)

i have no idea what to this is the end.

sign off.


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

It's mine

Such a lonely day and its mine, the lonliest day of my life...
Such a lonely day, should be banned...

Here is some of the lyric taken from SOAD's Lonelyday. I feel very lonely today. it already 4 o'clock in the afternoon and i havent meet anyone yet. have you ever had such day? all by myself since morning. Maybe its because of the rain. i cant go out from my house and meet my hommies.duh.. i dunno what else to i decided to post another blog. serioulsly im in the state of boredome. i had enough of televison and i have sore eyes for sitting in front of the PC fro 3 consecutive hours. i think i wanna go out and meet anyone after this. i cannot take this anymore. i need something to do? any idea?

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Red hot devils!!

Finally!! Manchester United are the EPL champion. Congratulation for Sir Alex and his boys!! im very happy since im a ManUtd fan. Furthermore we manage to break the dominance of Chelsea in EPL So much for the big spending huh Mr Mourinho? But congatulation also for the blues for keeping the pressure all the way until the very last week of the campaign. hahaha.. Man Utd show the other club that they dont have spend a lot to be crown as champion. All you need are some good foundations, potential and determine players and a little bit of luck.

I do hope Man utd can dominate the EPL and European football next season.

and the song goes .......GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Monolog session

in this entry i wanna make it in BM

kenapa dia still tak paham.atau pura2 tak paham.kadang2 aq pon tak paham.kenapa kena paham? tak bleh ke kalo biarkan tak rasa dia paham tapi buat2 tak paham. dia musti paham apa yang aq nak dia paham.cuma aq tak paham kenapa dia taknak paham. tapi kalo dia dah paham tapi buat2 tak paham nak buat cemana.takkan aq tak paham2.tapi kadang2 apa yg aq paham bkn apa yg dia paham.

ntah aq pon tak paham.

semoga dia paham.

jangan salah paham

tak paham? lantak la.....

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


My final exam will start tomorrow. It makes me shiver coz i think i havent prepare enough. but still i've done my best to fill the study week.hehehe.

this time around i wanna write about exam.why is there exam in the first place. is it to test the students' mastery level of certain subjects or is there any other reason for exam? in my personal opinion, in malaysia, exam is there to grade people or in other word to divide the students into 2 groups which are CLEVER and STUPID. correct me if im wrong but malaysian education system is too exam oriented. there is no space for authentic learning since everyone is busy to get as many A's as they could. i do think that we should change the system because one of the malaysian education policy is to provide man power to the country. therefore we should do something to make the students better prepare for the real world, not preparing the students on how to get a lot of A's. when I said change the system, i mean we can change it slowly, level by level and not as a whole. i know its a tough job but we can do it. change the education system, we can change the future of our country.

but in the end im just an ordinary student whose voice cannot be heard by everyone. therefore im expressing opinion in this blog so that i can tell many people what im thinking regarding this matter. that all from now.papai...

ape yg aku merepek ni...=)

Monday, April 30, 2007

The quest for a name

this is the 2nd blog i write. today i spentthe whole evening at HAkim with my band mates. we're trying to figure out the best name for our new band. and guess what we could not find a name that suits our band's image and music. at first we tot that HIT CRUSADERS was a good choice. but the my fren came to realise that crusader has an ambiguos meaning that somewhat touch the religious we agree to drop the name. the we come up with various kind of name. some of them are

bing bear band
king size box
sweet vitriol
The frontier 45
The junkyard boys

huh.i guess it is a tough job to decide a band name.up untill now we cudnt find a name for our band. but we will continue to make a lot of noise at our room and in the studio.

p/s- we r bunch of beginners who try to make wonders with music
p/s- if u guys have any idea do tell me =)

Saturday, April 28, 2007

First session

I went for my first jamming session with my so called band and it was a disaster. This was expected since this was the first session and we just couldnt bind together to make great music. we couldn't even play one whole song. so we just make a lot of noise in the studio until it annoyed the studio owner.hahaha.These are the song that we managed to trash today:

1) I don't love you - MCR
2) All the small thing - Blink 182
3) Reptilia - The strokes
4) Waiting - Greenday

You see..the thing is we want to play complicated songs but we dont have the talent and skills. haha.but i guess i worth trying coz my band mates know the differences between jamming and wasting time and money.haha..

Next time we will surely do our best and prepare more before we enter the studio.