Friday, May 27, 2011


Back in 2001 when you said you are using Nokia phone, people will surely salute you. " pakai Nokia Sabun. I wanna buy Nokia Daun. Really good phone loh!". Sadly it is an old story now. Nobody likes Nokia anymore including me. The Symbian OS doesnt have what it takes to at least be at the same par as Blackberry,Android or Iphone OS.

Since nobody really care about Nokia anymore, the company decides to make some ridiculous phone that nobody cares to look at it let alone to buy it. Let me introduce you to the latest instalment of the ridiculous Symbian-phone-series.

Ladies and gentlemeng (bunyi Rosalinda) this is Nokia ORO. What's new? Well, for a start the body is covered with 18ct gold. Plus the rear cover is made from real leather. Interesting eh? Sadly that is just the outer part of the phone. Inside you will find nothing new since it is just the same-old-and-lame Nokia C7. Lame!!

According to Nokia this is the phone for people who are concious with their social standing. In other words, this phone is for the rich people who got nothing good to spend their money on. Hipster toksah berangan nak beli Nokia ORO. It costs around USD 1,126 and will be launched in selected country around the world.

They you have it. Another sign that Nokia is getting crazier and not the same power house as they used to be. Change Nokia. Change. Ask Obama for some advice. haha!

Credit Engadget

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