Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cecair otak kurang stabil

  • Haih!!
  • That's the sound I always make whenever life doesn't quite the way I want it to be.
  • I had a rough nite last night. Something went wrong and things are not the same anymore.
  • I have this sucky feeling that leave me unrest.
  • I've done everything to get things back on track. But so far nothing has change.
  • Maybe all I need to do is wait. As the saying goes, time will heal.
  • But what is there to heal? Haha..
  • Argh!!! I hate this feeling.
  • Go away! Dont you ever come back. Damn!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tak besh

  • Semalam dah tgk transforemers 2.
  • TAk sedap.
  • Pelik kenapa ramai cakap sedap?
  • Sedap sbb graphic dia gempak ke?
  • Atau sedap sbb Megan Fox?
  • Ntah. Bagi aq cerita dia tak sedap.
  • Ada robot bagak2 lawan.Tu aje?
  • Damn!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


  • First Ronaldo.Then Tevez. Its worrying the fans around the globe.
  • As for right now the fans do not know what the heck is Sir Alex thinking about.
  • Star players are leaving. This would create imbalance in the squad that once dubbed as the strongest side ever since the Busby babes era.
  • As for me, I see the situation as we lost two goal getters which are so important to the club. Still remember the superb goals from Ronaldo and the beautiful goals from Tevez.
  • Its a big lost for the club. In fact Manchester is starting shaky and weak.
  • Maybe Sir Alex wants rebuild the team. In other words, he wants to refresh the team. His idea is quite understandable seeing that Man Utd lost the chance to become treble champions last season.
  • Its the hope of all fan that Man Utd would buy a proven goal getter to easy the worriness. Still remember what happened to Spurs last season. After a great campaign in 2007, everyone said that Spurs could break into the top four. But instead they started the season so badly and almost get relegated. All this because they sold their prized asset in form of Robbie Keane and Berbatov.
  • There is still time. No need to hit the panic button yet. But what ever the BOSS wants to do, I pray hard that he will buy one or two good players that would fill the big hole left buy those two superstars.
  • Beli la Benzema sama Ribery sama Podolski sama Villa sama Valencia. ;P

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

  • Im a fan of Manchester United.
  • When I was in standard 4, a friend of mine brought a book that changed my life forever.
  • The book entitled "Manchester United annual book".
  • Eager to know what's inside, I borrowed the book from my friend.
  • The book is full with pictures of footballer.I was very attracted to the content, so i kept on reading the book.Cover to cover.
  • I was amazed by the book totally untill i swore to myself that I wanna be part of the great team.
  • So since that day, I am a Manchester United fan.
  • As simple as that.
  • Thank you.
  • P/S- My idol is Ryan Giggs. But since he is going to retire soon, I'll change it to Michael Carrick.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The time when the land was fruitfull

  • This is a story about childhood dream, hardship and brotherhood.
  • I bought my first guitar when I was 13 years old. I used all my saving plus my brother's to bought the memorable yet not so good guitar.
  • The guitar costed me RM25 which was a lot for a school boy who only get rm10 per week as allowance.
  • On one faithful afternoon, me and my brother made a very memorable journey to Wholsale,Balakong to buy the guitar. FYI Balakong is quite far from my house. It equals the distance from FAculty of Education Sect 17 to PKNS.
  • Damn it was a hot afternoon. But being young and determined, we kept on walking until we reach our destination.
  • After 45 minutes, we reached the store. Like a little child in a candy store, our eyes just couldn't stop staring at the selection of guitars in the store.
  • Well, its not a guitar store actually.Its just another convinient store who happen to sell anything and everything.Just like our beloved AhMeng store.
  • After carefully selected the best guitar that suits our money,we finally chose a well crafted guitar which is blue in color. Why blue? Because the other one was in red which is so gay in my opinion.
  • Since we only had enough money for the guitar, we didnt care to buy a bag for it. We made our way back home full with excitment.Yeeeehhhaaa!!
  • With that guitar, I learned how to be a rockstar.Everyday after school, I would spent hours practicing.
  • The first song that I learned to play with the guitar is Come as you are by Nirvana. Unfortunately as time goes by I had forgotten on how to play it.haha.
  • The guitar still in a good condition.Eventhough I have a new 'baby' now, once in a while I would play the old guitar.Sometimes I would have an acoustic jamming session with my brother.
  • I really cherish the old guitar.I wouldn't want to sell it even for a million ringgit (ada ke orang nak beli).
  • To end my story, I would like to quote P.Ramlee's lyric:
Kepada isteri tua, kanda sayang padamu, kepada isteri tua, I say I love you. ;D

I love you

Boy: I love you

Girl:I hate you

Boy:Are you sure?

Girl: Damn sure

tet tet!! C350. I love you hunny bear!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

And I know...

Picture 1
  • I went to Bukit Bintang yesterday.
  • Nothing to aim for.Just stroling around the area and wasting my day.
  • There was when I spotted something that really caught my eyes.
  • It was a big black car still wrap in its plastic cover.
  • I wondered who is that snobbish arrogant fellow driving around with his new car.If he really wants to show off his new ride could he at lease open the plastic wrap first.
  • But then I realized something. I never see the car before.What made of the car? Hurm...
  • Untill this morning I still wonder about that car. But my question was answered when I read the newspaper.
  • The car is actually the new MPV model from Perodua. It is due for launch in November.
  • Haha.Now I know why the fellow whose driving the car was all smiled when he drove the car.Its a new offering from Perodua.
  • According to the report, the new 7-seater MPV is built base on Toyota Passo Sette. See Picture 1 above.
  • There you go.Now we will have to home made MPV.Im proud to be Malaysian and couldnt wait what will come next from either Perodua or Proton.
  • Malaysia Boleh!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hidup minima

  • Aq dilahirkan di kota. Anak metropolitan bak kata abang2 rappers tahun 90an.
  • Membesar dengan hiruk pikuk kota, aq menjadi 'selesa' dengan kawasan kota.
  • Pusat membeli belah Yaohan, Carrie's,Pertama dan Globe Silk Store menjadi tempat permainan ku sewaktu kecil dahulu.
  • Menjelang keremajaan tempat permainan ku beralih ke sekitar Bukit bintang.Plaza Sg Wang, Lot 10, Plaza Imbi dan banyak lagi.
  • Tak pernah plak terpikir satu hari nanti aq akan tinggal di bandar yang kecil dan tidak mempunyai gedung2 terkemuka.
  • Sejak dah abes blajar dan ingin bekerja ni, perpindahan dari bandar besar sering bermain dalam fikiran aq.
  • Boleh kah aq hidup dalam kota kecil yang jauh bezanya dari kota metropolitan?
  • Nanti kalo nak tgk wayang, main boling, usya2 chicks,main bowling,makan Mekdonel cemana?
  • Agak2 kalo aq kena kerja kat daerah2 kecil mampu ke aq hidup? Aduh.Payah ni.
  • Tapi bila pikir2 balik aq duduk KL ni dah bertahun2, takde la besh mana pown.Selalu duduk rumah je.Takde a tiap2 hari merewang2.duit takde beb.
  • Besh juge duduk jauh dari kota.Leh lepak dgn orang2 desa yang baik hati,hirup udara segar.Tapi paling best dapat berjimat.Senang nak jadi kaya nanti.
  • oleh itu aq dah ambil keputusan, dimanapun aq akan bekerja nanti, aq akan menjadi seorang yang cool dan mampu menarik hati chicks yang melihat.
  • Ya! aq dah bersedia.Anda bagaimana?

Friday, June 5, 2009


  • Hari ni aq sangat marah.
  • Kenapa harus berpura2?
  • Tak boleh ke jadi jujur macam sang kancil?
  • Damn!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


  • Saya ada sedikit masalah.
  • Kebanyakkan orang yang merasa diri mereka otai mengatakan mereka tak suka dengar band yang sell out. Walaupun pernah mengikuti band itu, tapi bila mereka popular, golongan ini akan memaki hamun band tersebut.
  • MAksud sell out disini ialah band2 yang sanggup mengorbankan imej mereka semata2 untuk mendapatkan airplay dan menjadi popular.Tak pure kata the so-called otai2.
  • Banyak band2 yang berjaya terkena badi ini.
  • Antaranya ialah Metallica, Rancid, Greenday, The Who dan banyak lagi.
  • Masalahnya salah ke band2 itu berjaya dan menjadi sell out? 
  • Sebagai contoh yang bagus ialah Greenday. Mereka ilaha antara band pelopor 3rd wave of punk. Mereka bertanggungjawab mempopularkan Punk di arus perdana.
  • Masih ingatkah kehebatan Dookie dan kejadian Mudstock? Masa tu mereka hebat.
  • Tetapi bermula dari itulah mereka digelar sell out hanya kerana music mereka diterima ramai dan menjadi ikutan. Ramai golongan purist punk mencaci mereka dan menggelar mereka dgn pelbagai nama yang xperlulah disebut,nanti blog ni kena ban.
  • Salah kah mereka menjual music mereka hingga penuh satu kapasiti stadium?
  • Bagi saya tidak.Memang mereka punk.Asal punk dan masih punk. Mereka masih berbaul rebel walaupun ramai berkata mereka pop,hiphop dan macam2.
  • Kalau memang tak mau sell out jangan buat music sedap.Lagi baik xpayah main music. Baru underground bak kata otai yang xreti2 insaf.haha.
  • Even NoFX yang bersumpah xmau jadi sell out pon popular merata dunia.
  • Jadi bagi mereka yang menggelar sesebuah band itu sell out dan mencaci mereka pikirlah dulu.Tak suka tak payah kutuk.Kalo kutuk juge maknanya korang tetap dgr lagu2 band sell out ni.kalo xcemana korg tau mereka xpure. ;P
  • Greenday dah keluar album baru.Satu album pakat tak sedap.Hamik kau! Bagi aq, aq still suka sbb greenday dah sebati dalam jiwa.
  • Sekian.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kenangan dan nasi

  • Saya suka jadi orang biasa.
  • Salah satu perkara yang orang biasa suka buat ialah makan ditempat yang sama hari2.
  • Kenyataan diatas membawa kenangan zaman silam dimana aq masih menetap di Kolej Cemara. Ada satu cafe didalam kolej itu yang sangat terkenal. Geng2 kami panggil kedai tu 'Makcik dadah'
  • Ini berikutan rasa mengantuk yang menyelubungi diri selepas makan dicafe tersebut.Sampai sekarang aq xtau apa yang makcik tu letak dalam masakan beliau.
  • Harga2 makanan di makcik dadah amat lah berpatutan. Nasi, ayam dan sayur hanya berharga rm2.50 hingga rm3.Bergantung kepada kuantiti nasi dan lauk. Fuh! murah gler.Kalo makan kat kedai2 luar mau sampai rm5 jugak.
  • Kadang2 makcik tu baik hati, dia akan caj murah2 je. pernah sekali tu ada sorg ni amik nasik dan lauk sosej gunung (byk sgt dah mcm gunung). Makcik tu caj rm3 je.Pergh....untung2.
  • K-role, Aq dan Syameer antara pengunjung tetap di cafe itu.Bermula dari makan tengah hari membawa ke dinner.kami makan di situ.Biasa a.student kena a jimat2.kang nak tgk wayang xde duit plak. Kadang2 Nazmir dari UiTM melaka pon makan nasik kat sana.
  • Sekarang ni dah lama xpegi sana.Biasa a.Dah duduk luar mana nak g tempat tu dah.Sesekali terkenang makcik dadah kegemaran ku.
  • Satu hari nanti aq akan kembali.


  • Dulu masa tahun2 2007 macam tu ramai anak muda suka main band.Fenomena btol.
  • Aq pon suka main band juge. Kami kumpulkan semua budak2 yang boleh main pastu kami buat RANJAU BAND X. Nama je dah nampak ganas.
  • Memang xsedap kami main masa mula2.Akak studio kat PAS tu pon muka nak mengamuk je pas kitorg abes jamming. Musti ingat kami tgh pecahkan barang2 studio dia.
  • Aq akui, memang susah nak main dalam band. Kalo setakat main gitar kapok sorang2 layan syahdu suma orang pon boleh.Tapi ini jamming dengan peralatan elektrik.Jauh bezanya.
  • Semalam aq jamming lagi dengan RANJAU.Walaupun main band dah tak fenomena sangat aq tetap suka main band. Seronot. Bleh bingitkan telinga.
  • Apa tujuan aq tulis entry ni?
  • Er.......

Monday, June 1, 2009

My off season wish list

Dear Sir Alex Ferguson,
  • How are you.I hope you are doing fine and having a great time with your family.
  • Congratulation for the hatric of the league title.It is some achievement.
  • Forget the bitterness of loss of the Champions league final.The reds just need to focus in the coming season.
  • I just celebrated my birthday 2 days earlier. It was fun. But my birthday will be more meaningfull if you could grant my wish.Here it goes.
  • 2 years back, Man Utd almost didnt have any recognisable midfielder accept for Paul Scholes. But thing had changed since then. Now we have plenty of option for the midfield area.
  • But I do believe that Man Utd need an attacking midfielder than can really dominate the mid park area. If Chelsea have Lampard and Liverpool have Gerrad, we dont have anyone for that position.
  • Of course we have Paul Scholes but he is not the player he used to be. Anderson is still young and need some time to develop. Fletcher, Carrick, Hargreaves, Gibson etc are players who like to sit at the middle of the park or should I say passing midfielder. None of them are keen to have a run in the box and bang in goals regularly.
  • I would suggest that you bid for a 'Iniesta or Xavi' like players. If you ask me, seriously I can only think that Luis Antonio Valencia of Wigan is the best player for the position. But Im sure your scout team has many players to be suggested to you.
  • If we do get this kind of player, it would bring balance to the team.
  • Ronaldo, despite he is the hero of the team, he is still a pain on the ass. If he really want to go just let him be. We can still replace him with the likes of Riberry.Plus we still have world class winger with the likes of Giggs, Nani,JiSung and Tosic.
  • Keep Tevez.He is one of a kind.If you let Tevez go, I will kick you so hard that your hair will turn black again.
  • Other than that players such as Podolski, Downing, Huntelaar, Benzema, Owen and Kaka would be a good add up to the team.
  • Thank you
p/s- cant wait to see the team in action in Malaysia. ;D

Click Click Hooray!!

  • Dari dulu lagi aq memang suka bersukan. Walaupon berbadan berat sukan tetap menarik di kelopak mata aq.
  • Bola sepak, lari2, takraw, futsal, jogging,lontar peluru, taekwondo. Kira macam2 la aq join. Still perut boroi.
  • Antara pencapaian sukan yang pernah aq kecapi ialah- tempat kedua dalam pertandingan pumping di Jusco Cheras Selatan, Menyumbang mata kepada rumah biru dalam pertandingan merentas desa 2002 SMK Perimbun, peringkat suku akhir tournament futsal Fakulti pendidikan bersama team Color blind.
  • Hebatkan bunyinya?
  • Unfortunatelly, skang ni sukan sangat asing bagi aq.Jarang2 orang melihat kelibat aq berpeluh jantan sambil berlari2.
  • Ya, aq semakin malas bergerak untuk bersukan.Kalo untuk karaoke,wayang,jamming aq paling cepat.Kalo bersukan terasa seperti dirantai badan ini.
  • Benci la hidup macam ni.Tak healthy langsung!!