Monday, July 27, 2009

Izzat 3

Being me is not that hard. I considered myself as a very simple guy with a mediocre needs. I never complaint about anything eventhough I am discrminated. For example during my time as a part timer at a bookstore in Shah Alam, my wage was deducted RM60 per month for the deposit of my uniform. All together it will cost me RM120 and according to my lovely manager, I will get back the money once I received my last payment. But in the end I didnt get the money back when I received my last pay as a bookstore keeper. Suprisingly, I didnt complaint at all. Im just plain lazy to go to the bookstore and see my lovely manager.Kira halal je la~

I also do not mind giving others what supposedly is mine. During my time as a student, I went for camping trips plenty times. Of course on a camping trip, me and my friends are required to sleep in a tent. I always give up my place in the tent and sleep outside. I feel more comfortable doing that. Plus sleeping with 4 smelly guys in a small tent is not a good experience for anyone,including me. Ahaks!

But at times, I do have complicated needs and unnecessary demands. I do want to own a Honda Civic,with a hot chick by my side and a gold credit card. Plus I would be nice if I have an expensive watch along with an i phone that has Garmin software inn it so I wont get lost in KL anymore. Besides that I would love to make Perhentian Island as my private hangout place. Owh,its really nice to dream ya? In the end Im just a simple guy with simple needs. So dont hesitate to buzz me girls. haha ;P


beda said...

tagline takleh blah dow!

JLaa KiMStER said...

ahaha.."complicated needs and unnecessary demands.." I think everyone have it

p/s: nnt dh berjaya menjadikan pulau Perhentian as ur private hangout place, don't forget to invite me to go there :P

Anonymous said...

buzz!! haha.