Friday, May 9, 2014


"Local" musical genius

  • I like listening to songs. I can say it is one of my hobbies.
  • When I was young, my computer was turned on 24/7 
  • Nowadays, car is the only place where I can listen to songs attentively.
  • In my teenage days, the furious, beats and "teenage spirits" were the main elements that influenced my choice of songs.
  • As teenage year eclipsed me, I started to look at songs in a different perspective.
  • For instance, M.Nasir - Anak-anak kita. I always thought the song as just a plain and simple reminder for parents. 
  • But as I listen to it as an adult, I started to feel it is more than that. I has this rebellious flavor in it even the song is not really presented in a furious or upbeat manner.
  • It talks more than just to take care of our kids. Anak - anak in  the song means the young generation. People who are next in line to govern take care of the country. 
  • At the end of the song, M Nasir asks plenty of rhetorical question that make anybody who listen to it carefully falls into a deep thinking mode.
  • All of this makes me appreciate a song more. Rather just an outlet to entertain me, I see songs as something meaningful. However, it is worth noted that  not all songs fall into this category.
  • As one grows older, one will become wiser. Listening to the same song with different perspective is one of the many examples to back up the claim.
  • It is time to dig up my old playlist and re-listen to every song tha t used to stuck in my head.
  • Maybe I can learn a thing or two from it. 
Selamatkah kita di tangan tukang karut itu
Selamatkah kita di tangan dalang wayang itu
Selamatkah kita di tangan ahli koporat itu
Selamatkah kita di tangan doktor jiwa itu
Selamatkah kita di tangan pakar kitab itu
Selamatkah kita di tangan tuhan-tuhan itu