Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Being a father

  • My father is a generous man. Sometimes beyond his means.
  • As a child, I saw my father as a quiet and responsible man. He didn't talk a lot.
  • Although he was not as talkative as Ibu, he was far from boring.
  • He had his own way of interacting with us, the kids, and making us happy.
  • A thing that always stick in my mind is how he always came up with surprises.
  • One night, he came back home and brought along a Playstation. My brothers and I just could not believe our eyes. That night, we didn't sleep all night thinking of the prospect of playing the video game the next day.
  • When I was in university, my father once again surprised me by taking me to Pertama Complex and bought me a handphone.
  • I chose the latest sony-ericsson handphone. It came with walkman capability. I was a proud moment for me.
  • Now that I have beco
    me a father, I truly understand the love of my father towards me and my other siblings.
  • I hope I can emulate him as a father for I want to give the very best for my daughter.
  • Thank you Ayah. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

New semester

  • The new semester begins tomorrow.
  • The campus will be busy again. Students make it alive.
  • Can't wait to see the young and eager faces in class.
  • I pray that this semester will be as good as the previous semester. May I able to teach my students with love and passion.
  • Come on Izzat!
This is Xaviers school for the gifted. Yes, it is fictional.

Friday, May 9, 2014


"Local" musical genius

  • I like listening to songs. I can say it is one of my hobbies.
  • When I was young, my computer was turned on 24/7 
  • Nowadays, car is the only place where I can listen to songs attentively.
  • In my teenage days, the furious, beats and "teenage spirits" were the main elements that influenced my choice of songs.
  • As teenage year eclipsed me, I started to look at songs in a different perspective.
  • For instance, M.Nasir - Anak-anak kita. I always thought the song as just a plain and simple reminder for parents. 
  • But as I listen to it as an adult, I started to feel it is more than that. I has this rebellious flavor in it even the song is not really presented in a furious or upbeat manner.
  • It talks more than just to take care of our kids. Anak - anak in  the song means the young generation. People who are next in line to govern take care of the country. 
  • At the end of the song, M Nasir asks plenty of rhetorical question that make anybody who listen to it carefully falls into a deep thinking mode.
  • All of this makes me appreciate a song more. Rather just an outlet to entertain me, I see songs as something meaningful. However, it is worth noted that  not all songs fall into this category.
  • As one grows older, one will become wiser. Listening to the same song with different perspective is one of the many examples to back up the claim.
  • It is time to dig up my old playlist and re-listen to every song tha t used to stuck in my head.
  • Maybe I can learn a thing or two from it. 
Selamatkah kita di tangan tukang karut itu
Selamatkah kita di tangan dalang wayang itu
Selamatkah kita di tangan ahli koporat itu
Selamatkah kita di tangan doktor jiwa itu
Selamatkah kita di tangan pakar kitab itu
Selamatkah kita di tangan tuhan-tuhan itu

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A story

Mysterious man
Let me tell you a story.

This is a story about a mysterious man. I first saw this man in 2012. At that time I had just been transferred to Kuala Pilah. As I was driving to work, I saw this man by the roadside.

Physically, he looked like an average person. He wore a shirt with khaki pants. His hair was neatly styled. At a glance he looked like one of those government servants.

As times passed by, I started to stumble upon this man frequently. Sometimes he was walking along the road side all alone. Some other time he just stood motionless.

I started to realize things I did not see before. He has this sad reaction on his face. As if he is looking for something. Now and then, he would bring a plastic bag. One thing for sure, I have never seen him with anybody.

What is his story? What is he doing by the roadside? What has he been through? I would like to talk to him one of these days. But I have not found an opportunity to do so. 

Until the time comes, he will stay as the mysterious man by the road side. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Random entry

  • Sometimes it is good to be single minded. Driving through one path way. Never going to make any turn. 
  • But where it seems plausible, it is often quite impossible. How could you ignore a soft cry that break the brick of silence? 
  • Thus as humans, we must come to term with this limitation. At times our mind takes more than what it can bare. We just have to learn how to live with it.
  • Conclusively, being single minded only exist in our mind. It is as impossible as having a peaceful and harmony global nations around the globe. The not so -inconvenience truth.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

oh my!

Pengetahuan umum

Sijil nikah adalah dokumen penting bagi setiap pasangan yang sudah berkahwin. Malangnya, saya tidak menyimpan dokumen itu dengan baik dan ianya merajuk dan terus hilang. Jadi di sini saya nak share serba sedikit pengetahuan untuk mendapatkan semula sijil nikah.( ini sijil nikah JAWI tahu?)

  1. Langkah pertama ialah panik. Paniklah sepuasnya. Selongkarlah almari, tilam, gerobok, bonek kereta dan pe;bagai lagi. Jangan di lupa tidur malam yang tak lena. Langkah pertamamemang wajib di lalui.
  2. Selepas habis panik, menujulah ke pesuruhjaya sumpah yang terdekat. Tujuannya ialah mendapatkan surat akuan sumpah. Ada borang khas. Dalam borang tu story la sikit kisah suka duka anda dan mengapa nak salinan sijil nikah tu. Bayaran ikut tempat. Range harga dari RM4- RM10. 
  3. Dapat surat, pergilah pula ke kedai percetakan. Cetak salinan IC. Kalau ada kad kahwin JAWI pun elok di buat salinan. 
  4. Setelah selesai, pergilah anda ke JAWI. Biasanya saya parking di masjid negara. Dapat lah jalan-jalan tengok bangunan sekejap. Tapi lelah juga nak panjat tangga JAWI sebab pejabatnya kat atas sekali nun. 
  5. Sampai di pejabat, ambillah borang di kaunter. Cakap je sijil nikah hilang, tahulah pegawai JAWI tu borang mana. Isi dengan cermat, kemudian ambil nombor. Sampai giliran, borak apa yang patut, bayar RM10, dapatlah semula salinan siijil nikah anda. Kalau tarikh kahwin tak jauh, cepat saja pegawai tu cari salinan sijil nikah anda tahu.
  6. Dalam perjalanan pulang, singgah gerai lori depan masjid negara. belilah nugget dua cucuk serta air warna-warni sebagai reward kepada diri anda. 
Begitulah serba sedikit perkongsian ilmu saya untuk kali ini. di ucapkan selamat berjaya kepada pembaca. Ingat, dokumen penting simpan elok-elok lain kali. Haha!