Monday, September 7, 2015


  • Wake me up when September ends is a song by Greenday.
  • It is also a lame joke. Stop abusing it.
  • As for me I never want to sleep in September.
  • It is by far the greatest month this year.
  • Moving in with my wife & daughter, letter from JPA & a bit of financial freedom are among other things that make September great. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


To carve out a chance out of nothingness is a trait of greatness


I should've studied hard and be an astronaut
I could've become an athlete if I were to trained hard
I would've been a millionaire if I didn't waste my youth

I should've played my guitar loudly and be a rock star
I could've become a scientist if I didn't skip school
I would've been abroad if I didn't have this rope that tie me

I should've concentrated on drawing and be an artist
I could've created my own comic if I were diligent enough
I would've been somewhere else but here

Should've, could've, would've....
Let's stop for a while
Take a deep breathe
Take a look around

All those Should've, could've, would've are just dreams
Dreams that never made it to reality
Why should I dream for the realty is right in front of me

I would'nt trade this life for any other kind
I love it
Though it is far from perfect
I am living my dream

Right here
right now

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

  • It has been a while since I share my current playlist here.
  • The reason I do so is to remind myself that there are other awesome songs to listen to.
  • So here is the list of my favorite tunes for May 2015.
  1. Manic street preachers - Your love alone is not enough
  2. Mojo - Dahsyat
  3. Angels & Airwaves - Rite of spring
  4. Bad Religion - American Jesus
  5. Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone
  6. Dry the river - New ceremony
  7. Ramones - The KKK took my baby away
  8. Foo Fighters - DOA
  9. Coolio - Gangsters Paradise
  10. The Clash - I fought the law
Been spending most their lives, living in the gangsta's paradise 

Solat musafir

  • Sometimes when I am travelling, I got confused on how to perform my Solat. 
  • Therefore, I would like to share this with others who travel a lot.
  • May Allah swt grant us strength and opportunity to perform solat whenever we are.

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Railway workmen came together to play football once and dared to dream. 
A dream to make something more of their lives.
That is Manchester United. 

The team lost its first ever competitive game 6-0 to Bolton Reserves. It got relegated in its second season of competitive football. In January 1902, it was asked to shut down because of debts. It didn't. 
Instead it came back up and won the league, a FA Cup and a charity shield 2years later. 
That is Manchester United. 

From 1922 to 1940, United were relegated again and again and again. Faced with bankruptcy in 1931, United were on the verge of disaster again. Instead, the team held on and fought on. Finishing 2nd in 1947,1948 and 1949; 1st in '52, 55 and 56.It won the FA Cup in 1948 and became the first English team to play in Europe. 
It had to wait 41 years for glory. That is Manchester United.

A plane took off on February 6, 1958. To greatness it seemed. And came crashing down. 8 players died. Facing despair and doom, the club fought on. It reached the final of the FA Cup that year. Without a first team, it plodded on and rebuilt. 

7 years later, as the fallen 8 smiled from above, the team won the title in 1965 and 1967. And the European Cup in '68.
That is Manchester United. 

For 25 years it waited to win again, getting relegated, losing Managers and players as rivals laughed. It didn't fall then either. A league title in 1992, a double in '93 and a treble in '99.
That is Manchester United. 

Blood, toil, sweat and tears.That is Manchester United.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to English

English at its best

  • Often people ask how to improve in English. 
  • Most of the time, my initial reaction is to smile. 
  • This is an age-old question. A tricky one without any definite answer.
  • However, I still try my best to answer the question.
  • Mind you that my English language skills are not at par as the native speaker. But I know at least I can function well in English. 
  • So my answer to this question is just use it.
  • Yes. As simple as that. Use it. Use it when you talk with friends. Use it when you are at the mall. Use it even when you are talking to yourself.
  • The theory behind my answer is simple, without practice no amount of studying is sufficient. 
  • Practicing English in an authentic way is far better than just be in classroom learning it.
  • By using the language, one will have first hand experience in learning it.
  • Yes some might argue it is the hard way. But I believe anything that we gain the hard way will remain a long time.
  • Therefore folks, go ahead and use English and stop asking English teacher how to be good in English.