Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Sedikit FAQ mengenai MUET

Apakah itu MUET?
MUET ialah akronim Malaysian Universiti English Test. Sebuah peperiksaan anjuran Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia bagi menguji kebolehan calon menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris dalam empat aspek: Listening (mendengar), Speaking (bertutur), Writing (menulis) dan Reading (membaca)

Siapa yang perlu menduduki MUET?
Sesiapa yang ingin melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat Ijazah pertama di mana-mana universiti di Malaysia. Pelajar diploma tak perlu pening-pening.

Bila saya perlu menduduki MUET
Mengikut keperluan. Sesetengah universiti seperti UiTM memerlukan pelajar mempunyai MUET sebelum mereka memohon masuk ke program Ijazah pertama. Ada juga yang memerlukan untuk graduasi Ijazah pertama. Jadi lebih baik tanya terus kepada universiti berkenaan.

Berapakah Band yang diperlukan untuk MUET?
Sekali lagi ianya bergantung kepada universiti dan program. Ada yang serendah band 2 hingga setinggi band 5. Tanyalah kepada pihak yang tahu. Jangan tanya kawan-kawan.

Berapa lama tempoh sah laku sijil MUET?
5 tahun. Selagi masih dalam tempoh, keputusan MUET anda sah di gunakan.

Saya tidak berpuas hati dengan keputusan MUET. Apa yang saya boleh lakukan?
Boleh memohon untuk semakan semula atau boleh sahaja menduduki MUET sekali lagi. No problem.

keterangan lanjut sila layari website MPM.

Off canning and punishment

  • Recently, a news on canning has caught everyone's attention. In it it says that canning might be treated as an offence in the future. 
  • As usual, Malaysian reacted in many ways. Some are angry while others sort to seek for more knowledge and explanation pertaining this issue.
  • The following day, the related minister came out with a long explanation on this matter saying that the media has quoted this issue wrongly. After all the heated debate, this issue is still up for discussion. Nothing is carved on stone yet. 
  • Personally, I believe that this is a sensitive issue for Malaysian. Yes, we want to protect the children, however we also need to 'protect' this old-but-proven practice in educating the children.
  • I personally do not agree with views saying that canning is one of the main means in teaching. However, canning should be seen as one alternatives to education (punishment). After all teaching while using force and brutality will create a crooked children.
  • Canning serves as a reminder to the children that no wrong doing should go un punish. 
  • Just recently, a friend of mine showed to me a text message conversation between him and a student.
  • This student has been missing several classes. When being reminded by my friend he dare to say that he doesn't want to come to class because somehow he feels that he will fail the subject. He even said "kau boleh bagi aku lulus ke?'.
  • Nothing to do with canning
  • This kind of student is the reason why canning should remain exist and practice.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Akhirnya indah

  • This song goes out to my beautiful wife and my little princess. 

Tujuh hari dalam seminggu kita tidak bertemu
Harap jumpa di akhir pekan Terhalang kesibukan
Aku rindu

Hanya telfon dan smsan yang bisa dilakukan
Ingin engkau ada disini
Kita habiskan waktu berdua

Pastikan kita tak lelah
Dan percayalah semuakan indah
Semuakan indah akhirnya

Tujuh hari dalam seminggu kita tidak bertemu
Ingin engkau ada disini
Kita habiskan waktu berdua

Pastikan kita tak lelah
Dan percayalah semuakan indah
Semuakan indah akhirnya

Pastikan kita tak lelah
Dan percayalah semuakan indah
Semuakan indah akhirnya
Semuakan indah Semuakan indah

Lagu : Akhirnya Indah
Artis : The Changcuters

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New year

Me and the boys

  • New year is finally here. Alhamdulillah. I am still alive and kicking.
  • Just like 2013, this year starts with a high note. I brought three boys to the Spell Champ Inter Campus Challenge 2015 in UiTM Pahang.
  • One of the boys managed to win thrid place. To add the icing on the cake, my campus, N9 was awarded the best campus. 
  • It was an awesome journey. Hope to be in Pahang again next year.
  • What a way to start the year. I hope this is a sign for more great things to come.
  • Congrats boys!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


  • 2014 is closing its curtain soon. Another year is coming to an end. Soon the dawn of 2015 will arrive upon us. Here are some reflection for 2014.
  • Lesson is learned aplenty this year. For a start I became a father in February. It was a whole new lesson & experience for me. Being a father is hard but it is far from boring. I am loving every second of my life being a father. 
  • In addition, I learned to be an adult. I bought a house. I paid bills. I talked to lawyers, bankers and other people. However, no matter how many adult things I did, I still think I am just a kid. 
  • The biggest lesson would be to appreciate the small things in life. For instances, time you spend with your family, delicious food on your table, petrol in your car tank, and even a nice quiet walk in the evening. I start to see the world differently and I tend to appreciate things that I neglected as teenager.
  • Though some part of it was full with tragedies, I would like to remember 2014 for the year I became an adult. 
  • See you next year. Please enjoy the video. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

My campus

  1. This is my campus. It is not posh. But it is nice.
  2. I've been here for two years now. I love it here.
  3. It has this calm and soothing ambiance.
  4. It may not look much right now. However things will look different as time passes by. I am sure.
  5. This is Kuala Pilah. It is full with untapped potential.
    The main building
    Lecture hall

    Small space between buildings

    Laman pelajar

    View from the 4th floor

Monday, November 17, 2014

Asean football


  1. When it was played under the name of Tiger Cup, not much attention was given by Malaysian. This is mainly because the name of the Championship was derived from a beer-makin company. 
  2. Everything changed when Malaysian won the Cup in 2010. Not much hope was given to the team back then. However Dato Rajagobal and co managed to overcome the odds and became the winner.
  3. Since then AFF Suzuki Cup ( the current name of the tournament) is an event that many Malaysian football fan is waiting for.
  4. This year, 2014, Malaysia once again will compete in the tournament.
  5. Just like in 2010,  not much hope is given to the team. Series of poor performance has shaken the believe of many football fans in Malaysia. However, fans all over the country is still praying for the best.
  6. Only the spirit of 2010 can help this group of players to win this year's tournament.
  7. Come on you Tigers!!