Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My diary

  • Living a life that is full surrounded with people that I love is one of the many blessings that I received recently.
  • After a phase of changes and transition, my life is starting to shape the way I want it to be.
  • Work is great for me. I took me some times to adjust myself to this new place but alas I can call this place as my own.
  • Colleagues are great. Met some new characters that are very colourful. Some are cheerful, some are talkative.These are the people who will be along side me perhaps for the next 5 years. Glad to have them as colleague. 
  • The same thing can be said on the personal front. In less than 2 weeks I am getting married to the love of my life. 
  • I am overwhelmed with mixture of emotions. Sometimes i feel so anxious and scare. But i am only human and human feels. I just need to set myself for another big transition in life. 
  • Problems are minuscule. Of course hardship is unavoidable but I always confront it with a smile. Im trying to be a positive person with a positive mind.
  • All in all, life is great. I wish to keep it this way for a very long time. A the same time I pray my family's and friend's happiness too. 
  • Salam...

Monday, September 3, 2012


What a way to start Monday by listening to this joyful and honest song. It really made my day.


Ke hadapan ibuku
Yang sangat ku cintai
Dengarlah khabar ini
Tentang calon menantu mu

Orangnya sederhana tidak berlebihan
Tapi cergas serta pintar
Dan dia kan membantu mu
Dalam urusan seharian

( 1 )
Usahlah engkau bimbang tentang cinta kami
Kami telah berjanji akan saling menghormati
Harap ibu kan taburkan beras kunyit
Di depan halaman rumah
Menyambut kepulanagn kami berdua oh ibu ku

( korus )
Aku menyintainya
Seperti ayah menyintai mu
Dan dia menyintai ku
Seperti kau cintakan ayah

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