Thursday, February 12, 2015

How to English

English at its best

  • Often people ask how to improve in English. 
  • Most of the time, my initial reaction is to smile. 
  • This is an age-old question. A tricky one without any definite answer.
  • However, I still try my best to answer the question.
  • Mind you that my English language skills are not at par as the native speaker. But I know at least I can function well in English. 
  • So my answer to this question is just use it.
  • Yes. As simple as that. Use it. Use it when you talk with friends. Use it when you are at the mall. Use it even when you are talking to yourself.
  • The theory behind my answer is simple, without practice no amount of studying is sufficient. 
  • Practicing English in an authentic way is far better than just be in classroom learning it.
  • By using the language, one will have first hand experience in learning it.
  • Yes some might argue it is the hard way. But I believe anything that we gain the hard way will remain a long time.
  • Therefore folks, go ahead and use English and stop asking English teacher how to be good in English. 

February stars

Here is a little something to make your February a little bit comforting.

february stars
floating in the dark
temporary scars
february stars