Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tevez Zevet

My frustration is growing bigger when i heard that the tevez deal is getting more complicated.come on..settle this problem quickly. the EPL will start in less than one utd need another striker to ensure their glory.Im one hardcore fan. i dont want my favorite team to lose their title to some unclassy teams like liverpool or chelsea.

glory2 man utd!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Jadual ku mcm sialan

This semester sux. thats all I can say about this semester so far. firstly my timetable is all mixed up and i have nite classes for 3 nites in a row.isnt that great? i'll become a fuckin nocturnal once this sem is over.haha. then come my personal problems. it seems that my problems will not be solve in the near future. but i'll keep on praying hoping for better days.cayok2!!

opportunist is what i am =)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Adakah anda pernah?

Have you ever felt like this?

Scene 1
You seem to have the worst day of your life. You just broke up with your girlfriend, your cat pet die, you just had a terrible accident, you friends hate you and you hate yourself for being who you are. In other words, the world has turned its back on you.

Scene 2
At the same time you have this great thing going on tomorrow. Let say you have a performance with your band mates. This is the greatest show of all time. You will play in front of 30 000 people in an arena. You need to focus on the show. You throw all of your negative thoughts away and try to concentrate. You forget about your ex, you cat, your car and your so-called friend. You go on and hit the stage. You play the guitar and sing like nobody ever did before. Looking at the large crowd, you really enjoy yourself.

Scene 3
Once the show is over, the fans had fled away; you will be all by yourself again. You are not the fans favorite singer anymore. And once again you’re stuck with your problems…

Have you ever felt like this? I have. In fact I always have this kind scenario. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t really know how to deal with problems the right way. I tend to keep all my problems in my chest and wait until it explodes.

Never mind. Forget about me and my problems. All I want to do is to emphasis the power of our mind. We are the master of our own self. Maybe we don’t know how our brain works but we still have the power to control it. From my story can you see that we can’t feel what ever we want to feel if we are really focused? We have the right to choose whether to be happy or sad. So, the moral of the story is don’t waste your time to feel sad, depress and whatsoever. Life is too short to be thrown away. Be happy. If I can do it why can’t you?

Simplicityofthemind =)

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This is another poem from my collection. i really sux tho~

Era kegelapan

Berputar – putar
Masa berlalu dengan pantas
Segala yang ku beri tanpa balas
Di harap kan kembang indah

Oh angin
Bawakan ku berita
Tentang dirinya yang entah di mana
Ceritakan perihalku kepada si dia
Ku tak membenci
Tetapi merindui

Hati ku berlohong
Tak ingin ku berbohong
Fikiran berkecamuk
Bagai dilanda taufan ribut

Ku tak mengerti perasaan ini
Haruskah ku terus menanti
Kata kawan ia berbaloi
Tapi hati ku tak tertanggung lagi

Hari pun terus berlalu
Angin pun terus bertiup
Hati ku pincang lagi
menanti seusatu yang tak pasti
thanks for the sweet memories. i'll cherish it forever.*sigh*

This is where the fire started
In the land of nothingness
Everything has its own worth
We’ll wait until the flower blooms
But still the moon can’t smile upon us
The trip that feels so long
In the circle of life we go around
Mistakes that we made
Friends that we forget
Haunting like the spirit of the death
Up upon the hill
Where everything is against our will
Will we survive?