Friday, October 10, 2014

  • There was a cyber cafe in my neighbourhood named .
  • Back in the early 2000s, cyber cafe or simply known as CC was a new concept. It is a place where people get engage with the cyber world. Gaming, surfing, chatting and many more. 
  • was a great place. It was equipped with 24 high tech computers. The cafe was divided into three area. When you walked in through the door you would be at the lounge where you could see the counter, few sittings and a vending machine. 
  • When you walk further inside, there were two more areas. The larger area was a dedicated place for gamers. They could turn up the volume as loud as they wanted to and have blast while play their game. The smaller area was design for people who wanted to have a quiet/peaceful time surfing the internet. 
  • Of course my area of choice was the large area. I love gaming back then. Most of the time, I would play Counter-Strike. Some other times, I could be seen playing Ragnarok, Diablo or WoW.
  • Once in a while, I would open up a music player called Winamp and listen to my favorite tunes. Of course there was no Youtube back then. So Winamp was our source of music.
  • As the saying goes, everything must come to an end. So did's time. After I further my study in UiTM, was neglected by the owner. Slowly the place became a wreck. It wasn't a cool place to hang out anymore. It was so bad that it had to be closed.
  • great game for great people
  • A sad ending to a very great place.