Monday, July 13, 2009

Counseling session

  • During my time at UiTM, my gang and I have conducted lots of activities,programs and events.
  • It can be sadi since I was a fresh junior in pre degree, I was "forced" to get involve with anything and everything.
  • Its a hard work.Sometimes I feel like to scream at the top of my lung. Sometimes I almost lose my sanity. But come to think about it, all the hardwork really pay off.
  • By getting involved with such activities, I learned a lot.Seriously. A lot!!
  • Physically, I've become stronger. (Tipu je ;P) Mentally, I learn on how to control my mind so that my body can do what ever i want it to do. It amazed me how I am capable of doing things that I never imagine to do just by using the power of mind.
  • Plus, I managed to learn some tricks that can help me in the future.(politik ni)
  • Thanks to friends like Naja,Hadi,Adris,Anis, just to name few. They made my life easier by lending me their hands along the way. Without them I would find it almost impossible to conduct any activities.
  • Now, from what I have gained from UiTM, I will use it to stroll my way to success in my career.
  • Once again, I love my life.I love you.Thank you UiTM.


p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...


kptm tu ape?
selamat berkerjaaa

Liisa said...

the most memorable would be tym ko jadik ustaz izzat. berkattttt seminar kte hari tuh. haha