Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blindfold marathon

  • I've been talking about joining a marathon for quite some times. Many of my friends already knew my intention. They think it is a brilliant idea. "This is what people of our age should do", said a friend of mine.
  • So, last night while browsing the internet, a friend highlighted one marathon event organized by Glaucoma Malaysia. The marathon will be about 5 KM and will take place at Putrajaya, next month.
  • However this one comes with a catch. It will be a pair-marathon event. One member from each pairs would be blindfolded during the run. The other member would serves as a guide to the blindfolded member.
  • Interesting isnt it? Therefore I am waiting patiently for my salary. Once it is out, I will quickly register for this fun event.
  • To boil everything up, I can say that this is an interesting event. Besides fulfilling my dream, I also can do something good for Glaucoma Malaysia. After all helping the needy is in my blood.
P/s- Please pray so that I can finish the 5 KM marathon, blindfolded. Haha

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Of dreams and reality

  • I have a very long list of dream. One of it is being a video maker. I always wanted to find a niche in this field of art.
  • I found the art of video making is rather interesting. It gives me the chance to construct a makeshift reality according to my imagination.In short it is a dream that allows me to dream. Great isn't it?
  • However this sugar-coated dream of mine never become a reality for I dont have the much needed equipment. I dont need those fancy camcorder or high -end digital recorder.
  • Im think of something modest that suits me as an amateur video maker, or a beginner, if you may. A prosumer camera might be a handy tool for me. Be it Lumix, Olympus or even Sony.
  • On the brighter note, the price of prosumer cameras is decreasing since there a lots of competitors who join the rat race of cameras. Therefore, in near future i might be able to get my hands of a prosumer camera.
  • Once I get the right tools, I will start to get busy with my first project. Until the time comes, I will continue dreaming for dreaming is the seed of great ideas.
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teachers' guide to happinesst

In my two and a half years time in teaching field, I learned a lot from the surrounding, experience and myself. Just like a seasoned cook, I managed to come out with my own ingredient and recipe in teaching. This particular recipe, if prepared well, can bring happiness and long lasting smile upon teachers' face. So in this entry I would like to share the recipe of happiness specially made for teachers.

  1. I basket of well-planned lesson plan.
  2. One table spoon of positive attitude.
  3. A jar of motivation.
  4. I cup of responsibility
  5. A nice pair of shirt and pants.
  1. Put on the shirt and pants.
  2. Be responsible.
  3. Summon the motivation to teach and educate
  4. Sprinkle the positive attitude before going to classes
  5. Bring along the basket of lesson plan to classes.
P/s- It can be served any time of the day. Morning, afternoon, evening or even at night.

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My dream

  • Year of twenty-twelve is an eventful year for me thus far. A lot of happening things will take place this year.
  • One of it would be an event that my friends and I had swore to join, a marathon race. Yes the one which involve with lots of sweats and isotonic drinks. Haha.
  • It was an impromptu idea of me on one eventful night. We decided to join a marathon simply because we are bunch of unhealthy lads who want to do something healthy.
  • We know its going to be hell but what is life without challenges?
  • God's will, we will be joining a marathon and who knows one of us might get the chance to finish the race.
  • So from now on, be healthy and start to practice. Jyeargh!!
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