Saturday, November 23, 2013

December playlist

Most of the time, I listen to my favorite tunes in my long drive to work. Therefore I make it a habit that I change my playlist once every 2 months. So again it is the time for me to update my playlist. After all it's almost December and new year just around the corner. So it is good if I can listen to something that can keep me fresh and energetic to celebrate 2014. So here it goes.

Ini nama dia power
  1. Albert Hammond Jr - Back to 101
  2. Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the king
  3. Foo fighters - Miss the misery
  4. Lucy in the loo - Selamat jalan
  5. SSK - Lagu tajuk lagu
  6. Liyana Fizi - Light writing
  7. The wallflowers - Reboot the mission
  8. Sheila on 7 - Itu aku
  9. Nickel Eye - Brandy of the damned
  10. Cock sparrer - England belongs to me
  11. The vagabonds - Down with whatever
  12. Morrisey _ The world is full of crashing bores
  13. Joe strummer & The mescaleros - Rudy cant fail
  14. Rancid - Tropical London
  15. David Bowie - Heores
  16. Super heavy - Miracle worker
Ini nama dia power kuasa dua

Thursday, November 14, 2013


  • Expectation vs reality.
  • When the undesirable thing happen, keep calm. Things will not always going your way. 
  • Accept the situation as it is and always look on the bright side.
  • Unless you have psychological super power that can attract everything that you desire, you better learn to deal with disappointment.  
  • Beside mistake, disappointment can be a good teacher.  T
  • It's lesson can be remembered for a long time, if not a life time. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Klik dengan bijak

Bijak is the way

  • Common sense is getting rare nowadays. It is like waiting for the eclipse. 
  • That is why the government come up with many peculiar campaign, advertisement and rules. To illustrate, the Tak Nak campaign, the "senyum selalu advertisement' and the "pendidikan sivik' subject in school.
  • One might think that all these are meant for the young ones. Unfortunately, the target group of these campaign and ads is Malaysian, from all walks of life. 
  • Recently, the government has been trying to 'educate' Malaysian on how to use the internet.
  • Not to say Malaysia do not know how to utilize the internet, but there are people who misuse it up to the point that the authority need to do something about it. Preventive and reactive.
  • Klik dengan bijak is one initiative by the government to 'educate' Malaysian on how to use internet wisely.
  • With plenty of rules, guides and tips, this website helps people to learn the 'common sense' of internet browsing.
  • Plus all the guide and tips come in a very beautiful and unique design. It really has a great face value which is good as it can attract the young ones to read. 
  • Nothing is perfect and there are always rooms for improvement. So it won't hurt if we spend sometime to learn about things that we think we already know. 
  • Kudos to SKMM for this great effort.
  • Further information can be obtain here.

Monday, November 11, 2013

The class of 92

The living legend

  • The class of 92 is a documentary-like-movie that revolves around six great players of Manchester United.
  • The movie's tagline is The players who inspired a generation. This is true to the core. Nobody can deny that each of them had touched millions of heart around the world in their own way.
  • That includes me. As I grew up, I used to watch them playing. Taking on opponents and achieving great heights.
  • Eventhough I am not a football player today, but I am inspired by the spirit to achieve success in my life.
  • Hence, the words of wisdom say, hard work pays.