Friday, August 31, 2007


i went to langkawi last week as a research assistant.i was awesome.i get to be in a flight for the very first time and it also my first time to be in langkawi. Ive made some new friends.Shah,Ayu,Emily,Nazrin,Lia and many more. They are great bunch of people.if i have the chance i'll definetely want to go to langkawi again.SWEET MEMORIES THAT I WILL CHERISH FOR EVER!!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I went to JINBARA showcase. Pehal lu?

yes written on top, i went to JINBARA mini showcase at RUUMS KL last night. i was accompanied by adib, hadi and abok. its my first time to be at such venue.mmg jakun abes a.haha.the show was great and entertaining. eventho the place was full wit mat rempit, rock kapak guys i still managed to enjoys myself.unfortunately i dunno many of their most of the time i just starred at them without any particular emotions.ahaks! neway i had to admit that they are very talented especially their guitarist.all in all it was a great show!!

Friday, August 10, 2007

it still exist!!

for the first time since the last time i feel so alive!! i just found out sumthing that makes me hepi.i cant describe what i feel ryte now.but all i can say is i still have a chance.all i need to do is just be myself.but that is the hardest part.all this while i tot im myself but others think im not? how to be myself? how do myself look like? its really confusing and sometimes its strees me up real bad! haha.ntah la.pape pon i'll do my best to keep my hope alive.mcm team EPL yg nak kena relegate, i really need to first step is get to know myself.hahaha.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Ranjau band

its been a while huh? i rarely hv tyme to sufr the internet lately.been bz with some course far lyfe is ok.eventho nothing interesting happen but still my life is great.couldnt been better.thank you allah.thank you everyone.

its already august.come to think about it it almost a year since i break up with 'her'. being single is kinda good actually. i have nothin to worry about and i feel free.haha.but sometimes the loneliness do get on my nerve.i admit sometimes i feel like crying but i keep telling myself that im strong enough to handle this.afterall boys dont cry.yeah!!

up there is my band's logo.i made it myself.eventho its not an official logo but its kinda cool eh?

so long..