Sunday, January 31, 2010


  • Its the last day of this month. February is more than ready to replace January.
  • February starts with a bang whereby it is the day where Manchester United visit Arsenal at their own turf. All the fans are expecting an explosive games. Of course my heart is with The devils.
  • Works are piling up. There is no time to be wasted anymore. I need to step on the clutch, change my gear and accelerate.I will endure more sleepless night and weekend-less week. But I believe that after all the hard work, I will be blessed with something good.Insya allah.
  • Life is great so far except for the financial part. Haha. But problems will always be there. One cannot be problem-free forever.
  • February please be my darling month. Love you. Mwakz!

a crime i never thought of

i call but there's no answer
i text but there's no reply
i ring the bell but there's no one around
i should've said the right thing
we should've been together
i'll kill you
i'll kill you for taking my future
i'll kill you for sure

this is a song which i dont know by who

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


  • It feels like karma. I have faced the same kind of situation before. Its January, the weather is hot and I have lots of things to do. Half naked in front of my computer, torturing my mind with something that sometimes dont make any sense to me. Great!
  • Well, that is my life for the time being. Not that Im not enjoying my life, but it is just not the same as it was before. Tis is the kind of life I chose. So i have to face it whether I like it or not.
  • Doing Master degree is not so tough as I thought. To quote what Dr Vijay said " All you need to do is spend 6 hours per day for two years. Then you'll ave your master degree." Easy huh?
  • One of these days I need to get away from my routine life. At least for a while. I need to refresh my mind or else I will live a sordid life which Im not prefer to do. Im thinking of going to Palestine. Yes, Palsetine. I want to do my part as a muslim and help te Palestinian.
  • Maybe by visiting Palestine I will appreciate my life more. I still ave so much to learn about the meaning of life. As my lecturer said "There is more to life than yourself. Dig deep, find your own voice and dance your own dance".
  • I lov my life. [^.^]v

Monday, January 25, 2010


  • Bank akaun dah bertambah kembali.
  • Sana sini kedengaran harapan, kegembiraan dan impian.
  • Ada suara mengenai gajet moden, ada cakap2 mengenai fesyen terkini, ada juga mengenai barangan keperluan dan tak lupa juga panggilan untuk bercuti di tanah tinggi.
  • Berhenti sebentar. Kembali ke realiti.
  • Apa yang aku impiankan hanyalah kegembiraan. ;D
  • Sekian

Sunday, January 24, 2010


About my past life
But we just missed
Sorry it had to end up
Like this

If I caused you pain
I forgot your name
But you left me out
In the rain

Thought I knew
You better than
Thought I knew
Your intentions
Thought I knew
But I didn't have
A clue
Not a single damn thing
Was true

If I caused you harm
I'm no good luck charm
You didn't end up
In my arms

Now that I
World's gone down
We've traded away
Blew out the spark
And now we're left
With broken hearts
Tryin' to find
A new place to start

Thought I knew
You better than
Thought I knew
Your intentions
Thought I knew
But I didn't have
A clue
Not a single damn thing
Was true

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Masih aku terasa

Sejenak aku dikejutkan
Bersama ombak cinta luka
Perpisahan melanda kita
Hanya kerna peristiwa itu

Kiranya takdir mengizinkan
Inginku kembali padamu
Meneruskan cinta yang lalu
Kerana kau yang aku sayangi

Akan kusimpan kenangan cinta kita
Yang tak akan terpadam selamanya
Kehangatan cintamu masih aku terasa
Seperti baru semalam kita berpisah

Tangisan sedu di hatiku
Menahan kepedihan ini
Sendiri aku mengenangkanmu
Hanya engkau yang aku sayangi


  • Owen Hagreaves (where the hell are you?)
  • Nani
  • Michael Carrick
  • Gary Neville
  • Michael Owen
  • Dimitar Berbatov
  • Rio Ferdinand
These are the names who need to step up their games.The going is getting tougher. We need you to perform at your best level in order to overhaul the pack leader. COME ON YOU REDS!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


When its already gone
Don't you ever try to find it again

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Young tigers

  • What happen to our young football team, Harimau Muda A? They have been kicked out from the Malaysian Super League with some "ambiguous" reasons. Then they are being thrown here and there.
  • Personally Im really sad looking at the situation. Harimau Muda A is the junior squad that will eventually be the National Squad one day. They are the one who will make the nation proud. But if they are being treated like this, how can they really develop?
  • The current crop of Harimau Muda A is good. They are all great players. They have shown their potential by winning the Liga Perdana last season. Togeter with great coaches such as Azrai Khor, they can really make it at least at the South East Asia level.
  • As a fan of Malaysian football, i beg the authorities to 'save' Harimau Muda A. Please do something so that they can compete in a competitive league or at least get the proper training so that they can preserve their form individually and as a team.
  • Malaysia boleh!!

Ex = headache

  • Can we date our best friend ex? This is an interesting notion to talk about.
  • Generally, there are two school of thoughts regarding the matter. One of them in in favor with the notion and another is against it. Lets talk about both ideas.
  • For those who say NO to this idea might say that it is just wrong to date your best friend's ex. In friendship, there are some hidden rules that must be followed. Not dating your best friend's ex is one of them.
  • Can you imagine, at one time you are hanging around with your friends while cuddling your gf and the next time you hang around with them, the girl is in someone else's hand. To make it more painful, she is being cuddle by your friend. Crap!
  • But others might say that its OKAY. Since your relationship is over with her, its okay to date the girl. Its just normal human norm.
  • Personally, I dont want to date my best friend's ex. This is because I believe in the golden rule of life which is "Do not do something that you dont want others to do to you". Plus Im quite sure that what goes around comes around. So just dont do shit because it might return to you one day.
  • Herm......

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foot my foot

  • Im writing this blog with reference to the most celebrated football league in the world, English Premier League (EPL).
  • Every football fanatic knows that every football club has its own ups and downs. If one team is the champion for this season, the team might not win the title again next time.
  • Just take the once mighty Liverpool as an example. They were once a football powerhouse in Europe. They were the team to beat in EPL back then. But now, Liverpool is struggling with their form. They even not in the list of the big four clubs in EPL anymore.
  • It seems that my favorite club also have some problems regarding their form this season. The recent few games showed that the players performed below par. The champion of EPL should not be playing like a league two club.
  • What worry me the most is that my favorite team might slip up and face an uphill task to chase the current leader of the league. This is definitely a situation that will not be favored by all the fans around the globe. Something must be done before its too late.
  • Come on you REDS!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

A rather hard conversation

  • "You are everything. But when people get to know you re nothing." she said to me. "Really?" I said without looking at her face. "Is it a good thing or a bad thing?" I asked myself.
  • Gosh...I rarely have this kind of conversation. The kind of conversation when you open up yourself and let people comment anything and everything about you. But its good for me for I can learn few things from the words of others.
  • From what she said, I should have my own personality. A personality that distinguished me from the other. Being Jack of all trade is somewhat boring and not fun.
  • Come to think about it, people used to use different kind of adjective to describe me. Among them are boring, talkative, funny, lame and many more.
  • Looking at the list, I think that I have what I call a "mixed up personality". I can be friendly and talkative or boring and quiet depending on the situation.
  • It is bad to have a mixed up personality? She said being too flexible will bored people to death.
  • Haih~ This is a rather hard blog entry to write.

Tahun ini

Aq ingat nak menjadi blogger yang aktif pada tahun ini. Bajet tulis dalam 20 -30 entri sebulan. Tetapi sebaliknya berlaku. Semakin pasif dan kurang menulis. Ini ialah hasil aq bergelumang dengan tempat kerja dan belajar.

Aq tak menyalahkan keadaan. Aq salahkan diri sendiri yang terlalu malas menulis. Banyak idea berlegar di dalam kepala tetapi apakan daya, syaitan malas telah meracun aq supaya terus bergolek atas katil atau melepak di kedai mamak.

Oleh itu, mulai hari ini aq akan usaha untuk mengatasi jumlah entri blog aq pada tahun hadapan. Kalo boleh sehari nak tulis 3. sebab aq suka menulis blog. Aq ada banyak cerita. Sebab aq suka blog. Nuff said.

P/s- entri ini di trulis dalam keadaan tergesa2 sebab nak pergi ke kelas. student dah lama tunggu. haha ;D

Friday, January 8, 2010


Masa kecik2 dulu gua selalu kala masa berebut beli satay ikan. Skearang tidak lagi.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


  • It is the fifth day of 2010. So far 2010 is being kind to me. Tank you 2010. Don't be cruel like 2009.
  • This year my life is changing yet again. Im a teacher-student now. Teacher in the morning, student in the evening. One thing for sure, it is not an easy job. I need to really divide my time well. I cant lose focus for a split second or i'll end up straying out of my course.
  • Its been a while since I push my self so hard. My body must be surprised by the sudden workload that it has to bare. If my body can talk, it would probably scream and shout to me. "why do you make me do all these hard works? I want to rest. I want to be on the bed where it is comfy and nice".
  • Then I would reply "Come on Mr Body. Just bare with it for another two years. After that I would spoil you with spa visit twice a week, an Osim massage chair and the comfort of Honda Civic Type R's sofa."
  • After that Mr Body nod his head and flash a dazzling smile towards me.
  • I love Mr Body. Thank you.

Friday, January 1, 2010


This is my ultimate wish list for 2010. New year, new resolution. Although this might sound cliche, I would still want to put this in my list.
I want to be a better person
Be it small or massive change, I want to move towards becoming a better person. Insya allah.


Heyya. Its new year already. So let me finish my new year lish. This is number two (2):

I want to manage my time better

This year I am studying as well as working. So I need to be a better time manager. ;D