Monday, December 15, 2008

Tangled up

Have you ever read a book called UTOPIA TRAUMA? I do. All this KAMI hype seems to give the book a bit of its well deserved popularity. A friend of mine told me that the book appears in KAMI movie. Now the book is a hit. From time to time i would stumble upon someone with that book. Its a good thing tho.

Am I slow or just plain dumb?

I read the book for about 10 times allready. I work at MPH so I have the chance to read it everyday. I just couldn't find the magic behind the book. In other word I dont find the book amusing at all. Of course i understand the hidden meaning of the work piece, but it seems that
the book is just plain boring to me.

Am I alone in this or there are plenty of ME out there?

Then come this question. Do all of the book buyer really appreciate the book or they buy it just for the sake of looking cool and updated? Seriously my mind doesnt seem to tolerate with abstract art except music. I AM ABSTRACT INTOLERANT. How cool is that?

So my advice is, just be yourself. Dont try so hard to be what you are not.

Any comment?


amir syafiq said...

hehe tu buku sangat tense la,kau baca senyum-senyum mana dapat feel dia.baca lagi sekali,tapi kali ni kena jiwa ronta.

ills said...

i guess then it depends on the genre of the book. maybe en izzat is not really a utopia trauma kinda person. :)

Mc Izzy said...

Hurm.. thx 4 d comments u guys. i guess im d simple minded type.malas nak pikir dalam2.baik berenang di laut dalam. hehe. =)

Ne3L said...

it must b real fun wekin at a bOokstOre.. ;) read bOoks all day lOng..
hee ;)

Ne3L said...

u've bin tagged..
answer me aite..
hee ;)

epifah said...

aaaaa.maybe betul ckp ili tu kot.or maybe betul ckp ko tu.aha.

cindee said...

hey u working at mph?