Sunday, September 30, 2007

New kind of happiness

just when you think there is no hope.when you think the whole world has turn its back on you,something happen.i would say miracle happen.suddenly everything is back on track again.your dark tunnel is brighten by glorious light.isnt it great?

that is how i feel right now.regardless my super duper mega busy schedule, i feel great about myself.i ve finnaly feel appy happines starts with an A. =)

Friday, September 21, 2007





im such an ignorant person. when everyone is busy doing their work, im busy sleeping on my not-so-comfortable i dont feel like to do any work lately.sometimes i wonder what is wrong with me?why such attitude apperas in such times when everybody is struggling to finish up their work? i dont have the answer rite now.maybe sooner or later this lazy feeling will fade away and i'll be the good old izzat again.haha.

anyway i got so much in my mind that i cant decide what to write

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

No title

aq tak tau nak ckp pe ntah. ive just finish the bziest weekend so far and im emotionally unstable. br je 2 hari lepas dia confess yg dia tak rasa ape yg aq rasa.hehe.rasa mcm loser plak tgh suka2 keja dah abes aq emo2 len pas keja ada awek utk melepak, aq tak de sesapa. tapi tak pe.hidup musti tabah.tak mau sedey2. nanti xbesh.


aq tak mau mimpi lagi!!