Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've received my first payment for my first job as lecturer last week. I didn't expect that the pay will come out so soon. Thank god. I am so excited and thrill when I see the pay slip. As if I am the happiest person in the world. Nevertheless, I need to use the money wisely.

Im buying a car. According to the plan, the car will be arriving next week. So starting from next month I have another commitment. The car would cost me a fortune. But I think, this is the right time to own a car. Owh, by the way, its a white Myvi. Cant wait to drive my own car.

Earning big buck is everyone's dream including me. So far I am satisfied with the pay that I get from my work. Beside using it for myself, I can also help my parents to pay the bill. Since I am staying with them, I need to do something for return. Maybe not much, but I hope it can lessen their burden.

All in all I would say that working is fun because at the end of the month you will be paid. But we need to be honest in doing the work. If we are being honest, insya allah the payment that we get will be halal.


CindeRina said...

pearl white or ivory white??

Lady Dyla said...

MyVi is a rite choice...

cool and trendy..
suits ur attitude i guess

Mc Izzy said...

Rina: Mine is Ivory white.I dont prefer the yellowish of the pearl.

Dyla: Owh.It realy suits me? thanks ;D

Liisa said...

myvizzat~ yeayy! im so happy for u! :)