Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Cuba keluar di malam hari
Nikmati angin yang menyapa
Indahnya dunia walaupun tanpa cahaya
rasakannya bukan dengan mata

Jangan pernah berhenti mengembara
Alam ini luas untuk semua
Bukit bukau gunung ganang
Masih banyak yang belum diteroka

Hijau daun biru langit
Warna warna yang menyapa setiap hari
Tanpa resah tanpa gelisah
Nikmatinya dengan jiwa terbuka

Perjalanan semua berbeza beza
Panjang pendek bukan hak kita bertanya
Terus melangkah dengan kaki
Gunakan mata dan hati untuk memerhati

25 Jun 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013


  • Haze is the pollution of dust particle in the air. For the record, it is my own definition of haze.
  • It brings a lot of trouble. Among other, haze-related-illness, low vision sight and disturbance of daily chores/activities/business.
  • I also have been affected by this widespread haze. I found that at times, I have difficulty in breathing. Plus my throat fells itchy.
  • So far, nothing major is done to curb this annual problem. All I can see is the price hike of face mask. We can blame the opportunist. 
  • Maybe this annual 'festival' is not a major concern in the authority to-do-list.It happens almost every year. It is somewhat has become a must in Malaysian calendar.
  • People has started to play the blame-game. Politicians, blogger, accountant, clerk even makcik kantin has their own version of 'whose to blame for the haze anyway?'. 
  • As long as there is no casualty, we will be ok. It is in line with our unofficial tagline - Malaysia Boleh! 
  • Bolehlah...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Season of change

  • Football season is over. As a football fan, I feel a void deep inside my heart with the absence of weekly football dosage. 
  • The recently concluded season signals the beginning of 'hunting days' for clubs around Europe. It is an exciting time.
  • Besides the transfer window, another worthy news to mention is that few big names in the world of football announced their retirement. Among other the great gaffer Sir Alex Ferguson, David Beckham and midfield general- Paul Scholes. 
  • It is pure co-incident that many of those who are retiring associated with Manchester United. All three of them left big impacts in the world of football in their own unique way.
  • SAF has been the boss of Man Utd for as far as I can remember. He brilliantly guided the red devils to the path of glory for o many years. It would not be the same without him next season.
  • David Beckham took the world of football by storm when he made the rank at Man Utd. His trademark free kicks and handsome look make him more popular even to people who do not watch football. I once tried to kick a ball like him, but I fail miserably. 
  • Paul Scholes is the ginger prince. A true midfield general, I have always tried to play the way he did. His pin point passing really made wet my appetite whenever I watch him play. I share one little trait with him, we don't talk a lot. Haha.
  • All in all, it is a season of change in the world of football. Not all changes are bad. As a fan, I hope for a better season. 
  • Glory glory Man Utd!!