Friday, February 22, 2013

Helium, air and wings

Please help in the phytoremediation
Because you have the remedy
Help to heal the broken wings
so they can fly again

It is hard to stay afloat
With un mended wings
It is hard to stay afloat
When helium is not helium anymore

Thank you for listening
For the wings have healed completely
Now they are in the air again
I am sure they will thank you as well

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ayah dan ibu

  • People always say when you become older, you will become wiser. That is what happening to me right now. Nowadays I tend to see the world differently. What might look ordinary to some people, might be seen as something meaningful to me.
  • One thing that really obvious lately is that I started to really appreciate Ayah and Ibu. Dont get me wrong, all this while I love them very much. Its just that as I grow older I started to realize how much my parents had sacrifice and spend for me and my siblings.
  • When I was a naive little kid I always took my parents for granted. I did what I want to do and always force my way to get something that I wanted. Same goes when I was a young and healthy teenager. For all I know that whenever I'm in trouble, my parents will always be there to bail me out. Usually my parents help me in term of financial.
  • But it all changed in 2008. Suddenly I realize that it is not easy to earn money. It takes lots of hard work, sweat and tears. There and then I realize that all this while I have burden my parents financially. Still they raise me up with lots of love without uttering a single word of complaint.
  • At that time I also started to recall back my past memories. I started to understand the things that Ayah and Ibu did. Only now I know the reason why ayah and ibu didn't order something for themselves whenever we ate at a restaurant. Ibu always said "Takpe. Korang makan la. Ayah, Ibu kenyang lagi". I also remember when I was a little boy Ibu will always cook something and bring it to the office. They did all these just to save up money for the family.
  • Oh my, thinking about this really makes me all emotional. Ayah, Ibu thanks a lot for everything. I know whatever I do, I still cant repay all your deeds for me and the family.
  • I promise to be a good son for you. I will.
  • I love you.


There is an aggressive woman at my work place
She shall not be named in this entry
Nevertheless, she is aggressive

I am not talking about physical action
Instead I am referring to verbal behavior
She cannot even lift a box full of papers but she can kill you with words

Everybody talks about her as if she is some kind of celebrity
Here and there her name rings like a door-bell
I guess this is the result of her aggressiveness

Nowadays I always make sure I lock my office door
For I don't want to hear her name or meet her
That way my day is brighter and full with laughter