Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Morning talk

  • Buzz! Buzz! Good morning!!
  • Its been a while since I last wrote something long/meaningful in my blog. Its not that I dont have any ideas, I just dont have the chance to do so. Its been quite a busy period for me. Especially when I have two major tasks waiting for me.
  • Studying and working, we you do it together, it will squeeze every bit of energy that you have inside of yo. Really tiring, mind lowing and emotionally challenging. Lucky me, my first semester has almost come to an end. At last I can see bright light at the end of long and dark tunnel. Haha, drama king!!
  • Eventhough I suck, I pray everyday that all my hard work would yield something good, at least for me.
  • In regard of my work, I have finish with my classes. Going to my my students so much. They are a great bunch! I wish best of luck to all of you and dont you ever forget whatever we have learned throughout these 14 weeks! (garang mode)
  • Well, that's all for now. I got another paper coming up this afternoon. Good luck to me. I will update more once I have finish with everything.
  • Tata Mr Blog.

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wa said...

good luck encik izzat :)