Thursday, April 1, 2010

A story

He spent all night long staring at the moon. His stare is empty and full with loneliness. "Why should I even bother? Its a battle that I'll surely going to lose", he said.

"But if you dont fight for it, you will never get it. That's one thing for sure", she replied. The girl stared at him helplessly as if she was looking at a dead body. Nothing much that she can do to help him.

"I've had my chance and I blew it. Now there is nothing left for me", he continued. ""Why you said so?", she asked. "I knew it from the way things go. I maybe dumb, but Im not blind".

There was a silent-awkward-moment for a few minutes. The she continued "Maybe its just the way it is. It might look different, but it is what it is. The real thing.You cant get the same thing twice I guess".

"Or maybe its a whole new thing. Different from what Im looking for", he said slowly.

"Maybe its time to let everything go". He continued without looking at her.

She nodded.

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