Thursday, April 22, 2010


  • Lately I realize something about myself. My attention span is getting shorter. It worries me very much.
  • Just now I had a briefing session with my coordinator. She talked about the up coming final exam. While she was talking I couldn't help myself from wondering around. I looked around the room and not paying any attention to her. I know its important but its hard to keep my head straight.
  • The same goes if I attend my master class at UPM. I could only focus for he first 15 minutes. After that my mind will take of to Spain or somewhere.
  • I makes me wonder what is wrong with me? I used to be a good student who can stay focus for the whole 2 hour class. But nowadays Im nowhere near my old self.
  • Is there something funny happening up there in my head? Or is it just a psychological condition? I dont have the answer.
  • I need to keep my act together. Stay focus or else I will fall from the path for it is a narrow and slim path Im walking on.
  • Izzat boleh!!

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