Friday, April 23, 2010

The longest line

In the darkest tunnel, it's nice to see a light, Not just a headlight, Like the one that's heading right for me. It would be nice if things could turn out right, Turn out right yeah, Don't think I'll ever see the day. I must have done something wrong, Or maybe pissed off God. I think of Chinese food when I think of life, That's sweet and sour, My life is sweet as saccharine. You know 3 week old milk and grapes are not, Not the same, No, I am the one Johnny Carcinogen. I must have fucked with some witch, In turn she cursed me, cursed my life. But officer that was a yellow light, The light was red, son, Insubordination, reckless driving, I must be wrong, this can't be right, I don't belong, this world is much too dangerous, For someone lacking luck, like me. At the end of the longest line, That's where I will always be, If you need to find me, just go to The end of the longest line.

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