Thursday, April 29, 2010

To do list

Today is Thursday, 29th April 2010. I have decided that today will be my productive day. Tonnes of works (ok, im exaggerating) are waiting for me in my office. So I choose to write my to-do-list on my blog so that I would not forget about it. Here t goes:

  1. Proofread work. I have to complete at least 20 pages for today.
  2. ENG 142 carry marks. Get the template from Kak Nor and key in the marks.
  3. Pay my PTPTN via cimbclicks.
  4. Find my converse shoes.
  5. Find article for mid term paper.
I hope I will manage to do it all. Thank you

1 comment:

mselee said...

pay PTPTN. sy pun baru nak mula membayar.