Sunday, June 21, 2009


  • First Ronaldo.Then Tevez. Its worrying the fans around the globe.
  • As for right now the fans do not know what the heck is Sir Alex thinking about.
  • Star players are leaving. This would create imbalance in the squad that once dubbed as the strongest side ever since the Busby babes era.
  • As for me, I see the situation as we lost two goal getters which are so important to the club. Still remember the superb goals from Ronaldo and the beautiful goals from Tevez.
  • Its a big lost for the club. In fact Manchester is starting shaky and weak.
  • Maybe Sir Alex wants rebuild the team. In other words, he wants to refresh the team. His idea is quite understandable seeing that Man Utd lost the chance to become treble champions last season.
  • Its the hope of all fan that Man Utd would buy a proven goal getter to easy the worriness. Still remember what happened to Spurs last season. After a great campaign in 2007, everyone said that Spurs could break into the top four. But instead they started the season so badly and almost get relegated. All this because they sold their prized asset in form of Robbie Keane and Berbatov.
  • There is still time. No need to hit the panic button yet. But what ever the BOSS wants to do, I pray hard that he will buy one or two good players that would fill the big hole left buy those two superstars.
  • Beli la Benzema sama Ribery sama Podolski sama Villa sama Valencia. ;P

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Amir Syafiq said...

manager tua nak cuba satu yang baru.memang la thriller tahap gaban.