Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The time when the land was fruitfull

  • This is a story about childhood dream, hardship and brotherhood.
  • I bought my first guitar when I was 13 years old. I used all my saving plus my brother's to bought the memorable yet not so good guitar.
  • The guitar costed me RM25 which was a lot for a school boy who only get rm10 per week as allowance.
  • On one faithful afternoon, me and my brother made a very memorable journey to Wholsale,Balakong to buy the guitar. FYI Balakong is quite far from my house. It equals the distance from FAculty of Education Sect 17 to PKNS.
  • Damn it was a hot afternoon. But being young and determined, we kept on walking until we reach our destination.
  • After 45 minutes, we reached the store. Like a little child in a candy store, our eyes just couldn't stop staring at the selection of guitars in the store.
  • Well, its not a guitar store actually.Its just another convinient store who happen to sell anything and everything.Just like our beloved AhMeng store.
  • After carefully selected the best guitar that suits our money,we finally chose a well crafted guitar which is blue in color. Why blue? Because the other one was in red which is so gay in my opinion.
  • Since we only had enough money for the guitar, we didnt care to buy a bag for it. We made our way back home full with excitment.Yeeeehhhaaa!!
  • With that guitar, I learned how to be a rockstar.Everyday after school, I would spent hours practicing.
  • The first song that I learned to play with the guitar is Come as you are by Nirvana. Unfortunately as time goes by I had forgotten on how to play it.haha.
  • The guitar still in a good condition.Eventhough I have a new 'baby' now, once in a while I would play the old guitar.Sometimes I would have an acoustic jamming session with my brother.
  • I really cherish the old guitar.I wouldn't want to sell it even for a million ringgit (ada ke orang nak beli).
  • To end my story, I would like to quote P.Ramlee's lyric:
Kepada isteri tua, kanda sayang padamu, kepada isteri tua, I say I love you. ;D


epifah said...

kalau kau nak rasa lagu berjasa kan, kau pinjam kan gitar tu kat aku. nanti aku da berjaya aku quote la nama kau.amacam?

W. Suhailaliza binti W. M. Hussin said...

hahaha.pastu pifah, kau pass kat aku plak..kau pun dapat berjasa.
btw, izzati, PKNS ngn fac mane la juah mane pun. unless ko jalan kaki, lain laaaa..

p.a.n.a ★ ちゃん said...

13 taon pon da knl gay..

lagu isteri TUA ko ad 2 TUA la..

Liisa said...

bila nk cari isteri no.3?

Mc Izzy said...

epi: nak pinjam meh la dtg amik.

Elly: FYI aq jalan kaki.

Mal:No 3 nanti dah keja.gitar karen

W. Suhailaliza binti W. M. Hussin said...

respek lah lu!! jalan kaki ke??
simpan gitar tu! jgn bagi epi pong!

Amir Syafiq said...

yeah sampai sekarang kau idola aku.kau bukan saja terer main gitar tapi sungguh penyabar bila tangan aku keras2.haha!