Monday, June 1, 2009

My off season wish list

Dear Sir Alex Ferguson,
  • How are you.I hope you are doing fine and having a great time with your family.
  • Congratulation for the hatric of the league title.It is some achievement.
  • Forget the bitterness of loss of the Champions league final.The reds just need to focus in the coming season.
  • I just celebrated my birthday 2 days earlier. It was fun. But my birthday will be more meaningfull if you could grant my wish.Here it goes.
  • 2 years back, Man Utd almost didnt have any recognisable midfielder accept for Paul Scholes. But thing had changed since then. Now we have plenty of option for the midfield area.
  • But I do believe that Man Utd need an attacking midfielder than can really dominate the mid park area. If Chelsea have Lampard and Liverpool have Gerrad, we dont have anyone for that position.
  • Of course we have Paul Scholes but he is not the player he used to be. Anderson is still young and need some time to develop. Fletcher, Carrick, Hargreaves, Gibson etc are players who like to sit at the middle of the park or should I say passing midfielder. None of them are keen to have a run in the box and bang in goals regularly.
  • I would suggest that you bid for a 'Iniesta or Xavi' like players. If you ask me, seriously I can only think that Luis Antonio Valencia of Wigan is the best player for the position. But Im sure your scout team has many players to be suggested to you.
  • If we do get this kind of player, it would bring balance to the team.
  • Ronaldo, despite he is the hero of the team, he is still a pain on the ass. If he really want to go just let him be. We can still replace him with the likes of Riberry.Plus we still have world class winger with the likes of Giggs, Nani,JiSung and Tosic.
  • Keep Tevez.He is one of a kind.If you let Tevez go, I will kick you so hard that your hair will turn black again.
  • Other than that players such as Podolski, Downing, Huntelaar, Benzema, Owen and Kaka would be a good add up to the team.
  • Thank you
p/s- cant wait to see the team in action in Malaysia. ;D


PeaRLaLa said...

eh, wat about Torres?
dun u wish for him to join the team too? ehee~

didiey ;) said...

once they have a super terrer midfielder.

tu la sape suro ko baling kasut kat kening dea.

kan dea da lari..huuu..
i miss beckham soo much ok??

Mc Izzy said...

Torres kacak sangat la.xleh main utk man u.nanti jeles alex ferguson

Anonymous said...

jgn curik kaka sy dan xaBEE alonso sy sudah la. yg lain u amek la utk team mancheshit united. good luck yer. by saying "the reds", liverpool pon red juga yea. hehe. eyh durrah kau mana bole amek torres kitorg. tau la liverpool bnyk comel, begitu juga AC Milan. hehe dan spain.

PeaRLaLa said...

bee! bertemu gk kita di sini. haha.

Mc Izzy said...

Bee.komen kamu boleh menimbulkan rusuhan di serata malaysia.haha. ;D