Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random entry

  • All our life we will go through some phases.
  • Im saying about the changes in life that we must face.
  • Still remember the first day at school? Well that was some memory for me. I cherish every single minute of it.
  • That is the schooling phase. This is when we learn to see the world.
  • Making friends is one of the informal subject that all of us took during school days.
  • It wasn't a hard subject for me. I managed to be in the gang quite easily.
  • Hilmi, Wong, Ajmal, Azmeer, Maryam Hajar just to name few.
  • After 6 wonderful years there was another change. Secondary school! Scary eh!?
  • Goodbye was said countless time.
  • The second part of the schooling years. Secondary school offered more adventure for me.
  • SMK Perimbun.I learned a lot here.This is where i learn to be myself. 
  • Along the way came love. It changed everything in mylife.Ah, what a fond memory!
  • High school was great. If I could, I would want to be in high school again. 
  • The samething  happened in high school. I had to say goodbye.
  • Enrolling at UiTM was somewhat an adventure I never seek for.
  • I was in UiTM without knowing the purpose of being there. Being young and naive all I wanted was to have fun.
  • Friends are more colorful in UiTM. I learned that there are many people with differents personalities. Great to know you guys.
  • 5 years of riding the wave together made me real close to some of them. 
  • Now, the 5 years is almost end. I can almost see the fullstop.
  • This is another phase that I have to go through. Everytime it happens, I would have mix emotion. Sad, happy, alone, etc.
  • Gosh! I must go through this all over again. I hate this part of my life!
  • Those phases in my life are the same. It started with a mix emotions but in the end all that left is just sweet memory.
  • Im off to the new phase of my life. I know everyone is going through the same phase as me. Be strong my friends. We gonna make it great.
  • Hello is hard but goodbye is even harder.


LeSScAkAp said...

true true,

as much as we hate to say goodbye it is inevitable

great knowing u my friend

lets take a step into the new phase where there, lies thousand and one opportunities and surprises...

hope i'll bump into there and we'll talk about how's life different when we were young...

all the best comrade!
peace n thanks for everything

W. Suhailaliza binti W. M. Hussin said...

alaah..tetiba je aku terasa sedih..korang la nih..
isk isk..

but it has been a wonderful 4 years being here in shah alam!
i love you guys!!~

mmwah mmwah!

epifah said...

life goes on.
cherish everything and we'll met again someday! aha.