Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dinner and such

  • I had a great dinner last night. I was the "Malam Penghargaan and anugerah dekan" for our faculty.
  • The theme was purple, white,silver and black. But I only managed to come out with black,white and silver. I dont have anything purple to wear for the dinner. Owh, what the heck!!
  • Most of my batch were at the dinner. Its a great feeling eing together with all of them. the dinner was held at MBSA Banquet Hall. Such a grand hall.
  • I arrived a bit late due to the lateness of my ride. Anyway I should thank Arif for the ride. He is such a nice guy.
  • I sat at the same table with my old buddy syameer and ariff. there were also Masyi, Aan, Dia, Sya, Shima and Kak Wani. Come to think about it, I never share a table with them. So i took the chance to talk to them as much as I could.
  • The opening act was a shocekd. They invited a shuffle group to perform. Not that I am against them or anything but I never like shuffle since the first day i set my eyes to the weird dance.
  • Much to my dissapointment, I didnt eat much. I odnt know why but i didnt feel like eating. But I heard there were some delicious food such as lamb, ABC sphagetti and all. Owh...wat a waste..!
  • Then all hell break loose.  All of us were busy walking around the hall with all sort sof purposes. Some of us were busy eating while walking. Other just sit around and talk with each other. But I guess most of the guess were busy taking picture at that time. Me too busy photo hunting with my colleague.
  • It was such a great night. I went around the hall taking pictures with all the people that I know. 
  • Thank to all who took pictyre with me. I will post in on Facebook and tag you guys. 
  • The main event of the night was when all of Part 8 students went on the stage to have a photo session.
  • I was a great experience. Seeing all of us were there and feeling all happy. 
  • Then something stupid, or should i say imbecile happened. It all started when i wanted to jump of the stage in oreder to get my camera back.
  • "You jump I jump". I said to Ika. Ika said "You jumpa dulu la".
  • So I with my macho face jumped off the stage.
  • thing I know i was off balance and fell like a bag of potato smash the floor.
  • Damn! All my colleague saw the embarassing scenario. I was so embaressed that I couldnt even look at them at all. Gargghh!!!
  • I bet all of them must laugh out loud when they saw me fell. 
  • But nevermind. It just an unforgetable experience. I hope everyone will remember me more after this.haha...
  • I fell down last night but Im proud of myself. Yeah!
p/s -  I managed to complete one of the biggest task in my "before graduate list". Im that damn good!!


Ne3L said...

wat an unfOrgetable experience
dat must had been.. ;)

epifah said...

damn i missed that part dah terbalik awal.wuwuwuwuwu.

W. Suhailaliza binti W. M. Hussin said...

alaaa..tak sepmat tengok!!!
ruginye laa~
btw, ko dah siap AE kah???