Sunday, April 26, 2009

MPG 2009

Dear boys girls, Tuan Puan, Dato' Datin,

Our MPG is on Monday ,26th April 2009 at KGSAS. 

It will be from 7 - 11 p.m. But officailly we will start at 8. We have to start at 7 since it is the operation hour of the venue. W e cannot start later than 7. We also must not exceed since they have charge for extra hours.

Surau is provided for Maghrib prayer. It will be easy for us. Dont worry.

Plz bring along some extra money (<>

Parking is provided by KGSAS. Park your cars at the right side of the carkpark compound. It is a public carkpark. the left side is for the members.
If anyone is free and willing to help, please come and help out at 2p.m at EMPRESS GARDEN KGSAAS.

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Thank you

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