Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ayah dan ibu

  • People always say when you become older, you will become wiser. That is what happening to me right now. Nowadays I tend to see the world differently. What might look ordinary to some people, might be seen as something meaningful to me.
  • One thing that really obvious lately is that I started to really appreciate Ayah and Ibu. Dont get me wrong, all this while I love them very much. Its just that as I grow older I started to realize how much my parents had sacrifice and spend for me and my siblings.
  • When I was a naive little kid I always took my parents for granted. I did what I want to do and always force my way to get something that I wanted. Same goes when I was a young and healthy teenager. For all I know that whenever I'm in trouble, my parents will always be there to bail me out. Usually my parents help me in term of financial.
  • But it all changed in 2008. Suddenly I realize that it is not easy to earn money. It takes lots of hard work, sweat and tears. There and then I realize that all this while I have burden my parents financially. Still they raise me up with lots of love without uttering a single word of complaint.
  • At that time I also started to recall back my past memories. I started to understand the things that Ayah and Ibu did. Only now I know the reason why ayah and ibu didn't order something for themselves whenever we ate at a restaurant. Ibu always said "Takpe. Korang makan la. Ayah, Ibu kenyang lagi". I also remember when I was a little boy Ibu will always cook something and bring it to the office. They did all these just to save up money for the family.
  • Oh my, thinking about this really makes me all emotional. Ayah, Ibu thanks a lot for everything. I know whatever I do, I still cant repay all your deeds for me and the family. Only Allah can repay you. I pray everyday that Allah will take a good care of you.
  • I promise to be a good son. I will.
  • I love you.


Hajar said...

Now Izzat starts being calculative.
Nanti keluar dating, Izzat suruh 50-50, coz nak start saving for his future kids ;-)

Mc Izzy said...

ish..saving tetap saving. dating tetap dating.