Monday, June 7, 2010


  • As far as I remember, this is the third time I went to Penang for my vacation. This time around I went there with my hommies and bunch of friends.
  • Its a long awaited vacation since I need to get away from my normal life for a while. The prospect of being a tourist really excites me.
  • The first day wasnt so good for its was raining heavily. Eventhough the weather is not on our side, we still managed to get our hands on some nasi kandaq, roti nan and beriyani claypot. Yummy!
  • The second day was awesome. We spend the whole day tripping around Penang. We also hunted down some great Penang food such as Mee sotong, cendol cina ( i forgot the name) and Nasi kandar beratur. What a day.
  • At night we went to Hard rock hotel. We took a walk and it was damn far away. I guess my age is catching up on me. I got tired easily. Owh my. Suddenly I miss being a teenager.
  • Hardrock hotel was awesome. Eventhough I felt quite disappointed because there were no live band that night.
  • The third day was a short one since we all nedd to get our asses back to KL. I spent the morning time swimming. Damn I love to swim. ;D
  • There it goes. My first vacation for this year. Simple but full and fun.

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