Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Malay song

  • Honestly, I used to look down on Malay songs. For me Malay songs have no qualities compared with songs from other countries especially US. I tend to think that if I listen to Malay songs, it will lower my IQ level. Plus its not cool to listen to those kind of songs when BSB and Nsync dominated the world.
  • I used to laugh secretly to those who listen to Amuk, XPDC Wings and Kristal. "Lagu macam sengal je.Coih!!".
  • But as the malay saying goes "Jangan benci sangat dengan satu benda, nanti benda tu dapat kat kita", I started to listen and appreciate Malay songs when I grow older and wiser.
  • I started to dig up old Malay songs and thought all the fun stuff that I have missed when I look down on Malay songs.
  • When I busy stuffing my head with "As long as you love me", and "You drive me crazy", other boys were enjoying themselves with "Jernih" and "Hentian ini".
  • Now that Im older and wiser, I started to appreciated Malay songs more than ever. I can see that Malay songs also as good as those that come from outside. Wings are far more better than White snakes and Search are extremly good compared with ACDC.
  • To be honest its been sometimes since I tune on to English-song station such as and I prefer and nowadays. I love our local act and I will continue to support it by listening to their songs and enjoying their shows.
  • Therefore, those of you who think Malaysia dont have any capable artistes or bands do think again. There are many 'superstars' among us.
  • Proud to be Malaysian.

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