Friday, September 4, 2009

Mood swing

  • I had a mood swing yesterday. Someone said something that should not be said in front of me. I hate the word, or name to be precise. Simply put, I just cant hear the name at all. It makes me want to kill someone.
  • It was totally an accident. The person said the not-so-good name unintentionally. I forgive that person because obviously she was innocent. But it really effect my mood up until night time.
  • I wonder why in the world I acted like that? I was such a small incident and I took it seriously. I need to loosen up a little bit. So what if the name bring bad memories to me? I shouldn't be affected by that name cause its just a name.
  • Last night I made a vow to myself that I wouldnot be affected by the name anymore. To hel with the name. There are tonnes of things to do beside having a mood swing. Plus mood swing is only for the fragile hearted. Im strong. As strong as Shrek.
  • Kau boleh pegi .........

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