Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I remember

  • I remember the class time during my days in UiTM. There was this one person named Juraimi Omar. He was the joker of the class. Everything about him is funny. Even when he gave salam to everyone, the whole class would start to laugh. What a character.
  • Then there was his sidekick a.k.a my bestfriend, Zul Hadi Kamardin. He was funny too. With his plumpy and cute look, h managed to make everyone smile. Me and him always hang out together and talk about girls. Yes, we were pervert back then. But its normal for guys to talk about girls aite?
  • Ben was the 'abang' of the group. As cool as a cat was his characteristic. He was quite a mysterious guy for m. Always kept everything by himself. Nevertheless he is one hell of a good friend.Great guy.
  • Adris was my twin. People say we look a like. I think so too. Haha. The guy from Klang who always gave us a ride on his magnificient Gen 2. A red devil too just like me. Enjoy doing things with him. Another great guy.
  • Beside that, there is this guy who has the same name with me. But people called him Bobo. A happy-go-lucky guy. Never once in my student 's life, I saw him having a hard day. I wonder how he managed to be happy all the time. Care to share the secret with me Bobo? ;D
  • Then there were other guys too like Afiq, Syameer, Arif, Hilmi, Ajei and many more. Really miss those guys and I hope that one day we can hang out together and talk about the good times we had together.


W. Suhailaliza binti W. M. Hussin said...

bobo is an ardent followers of The Secret oke! =))

beda said...

what abt me?! i'm one of the guys too kan weh?!

theroyalcrapster said...

waaaa sedih!