Friday, September 11, 2009

Ayat- ayat cinta

  • Last night was a pretty odd night. Without knowing the reason I felt restless and lonely. Maybe its just another mood swing.Sissy!!
  • This morning I had a toast for my shur. Didnt really have the appetite to eat. Right after sahur I went to bed again. What an active person am I. ;D
  • Woke up a liltle bit late for work. So I practiced my 2 minutes bath skills. Its a really handy skills especially when you are late for something important such as work, class or date. Maybe in the future I will write about the skill that I've perfected afyer so many years of training. Trust me, you can have a really good bath in only 2minutes. Halal dan suci lagi.
  • Drive my car to work as usual. Actually I miss riding my bike to work. But since my energy level for this weak is quite low, I think its better for me to drive. Oh god! Please give me back my energy. Really need it.
  • I have no class on Friday. So today technically Im not working. Just enjoying myself at the college. So people, if you are free like me just gimme a buzz. We can have a good chat about anything and everything.
  • One last note, this coming saturday (tomorrow) there will be a gathering for my batch. Relly looking foward for the event. I miss everyone. See you there friends and shrimp. Yummy!!

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