Monday, March 9, 2009

Mari membaca~

  • Its been a busy week for me. Busy as a bee.
  • I like being busy. It keeps me company and distracting my mind from my problems.
  • The thing is i tend to get unorganized when I am busy.
  • I start to mess my room. So messy until I cant find my favorite pillow.
  • I also will tend to forget less significant thing such as my promise to a friend.
  • I need to do something before I cant change this bad habit.
  • As Puan Normalizah (a counselor) said: to imagine how are you in 10 years time, just look at yourself now.
  • I dont want to be a messy person all my life.
  • I need to get organized.
  • Back in 2007 I had an organizer. It really helped me a lot.
  • It is not to late too get an organizer.
  • Tomorrow I will go to a bookstore and get myself one.
  • I hope I can be more organized after that.
  • Life is full of working. But we can still have fun in between. =) 


Hafriz said...

Your last line is made of diamonds.

epifah said...

hahahahhaha. LOL at the pic!

W. Suhailaliza binti W. M. Hussin said...

belikan aku jugak 1 organizer plz.

kaler merah!