Wednesday, March 25, 2009

some nonsense

I wrote something on DR. Izaham wiki during CALL class. I love this class since i could make myself busy with technologies. Here is the post on the wiki..

Rivalry history between mak/pak guard and TESL students
This rivalry can be trace back as far as the 1980's when slippers and tight pants were the in things. Those students back then love to wear slippers and skinny pants as a fashion statement. "Barulah hippies" say one student who look like John Lennon.

Since hippies was a huge hit, everyone wanted to look like John Lennon or Yoko Ono including the Mak/ Pak guard. Unfortunately, they cant do that since they have to wear their uniform. In result, as an act of frustuation, they tend to offend those who look like hippies.

But all in all, mak/pakguard can live in harmony if there is tolarance between both parties. Mak/pak guard only doing their jobs and TESL students need not to look like John Lennon all the time.

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ills said...

i like this, and despite what ppl thought of yoko ono, i dig her.