Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This piece of writing is dedicated to someone special who once was my everything. You are still my everything.

Juliet oh juliet.
Can you still remember?
This time last year 
We were two strangers,

Brought together by faith,
Oh how i love the feeling
I hold your hand
You hold mine

Juliet oh Juliet
Can you still remember?
The train we ride
The mountain we hiked

Together we learned of love and trust
The love we shared
The love we cared

Juliet oh Juliet
Dont break my heart
Put my blanket on the bed
But please dont turn off the light

The poison is killing me
Juliet if you can see
Please come back to me
For I long for your heart


Ne3L said...

diz juliet wil owez b urs..
;) dlu,kini & slamanya..

epifah said...

this is nice lah the poem.

Anonymous said...

I happened to land in here from nowhere and figure out I actually love being here, reading ur brilliant bits. keep writing, I'm following. :)