Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Izzat talks seriously

  • I watched a video by Hishamuddin Rais just now. It entitles Negara ciplak.
  • In that video, he claims that our country, Malaysia is a hoax. Nothing about Malaysia is real and after 53 years of independence, we are still nt "free".
  • Looking at figure such as Hishamuddin Rais, one might fall easily with his ideology and words. Yes, he speaks convincingly. But lets be a critical thinker. Lets take sometimes to digest and analyze the words of Hishamuddin Rais.
  • Im not against him nor Im supporting him. I try to be as objective as possible. But I couldnt help myself from seeing some loop holes within his words. He talks about unity and he compares Malaysia with USA.
  • He said that it took 200years for US to really assimilate together in a big melting pot to become a united USA. He further clarifies that if an American were to be asked who were they, they will proudly said, Im an American.
  • That's not the case with Malaysia. We are still divided by our race. When we were asked, we would say that Im a Malay, Im a Chinese or Im an Indian. This shows that we are not united.
  • Hishamuddin got a point there. But he forgot that it took 200 years for USA to achieve what he called unity. Even so, can we really said that American is a country where everyone stands united? My answer is no.
  • USA still have problems with unity. Take New York for example. One dont have to be in New York to know the Big Apple is divided into many sub gangs/areas. There are the Caucasian, the Latin, the Asian, and many more.
  • Can all of them really live happily together? Can they really join their hands together?
  • Even worst, in USA, they still being skeptical about one's religious view. For instance, they oppose the muslim since the mysterious incident of 9/11. The burn down the holy Quran, they take the freedom of Islamic practice from them. Do you call this unity? I dont think so.
  • Its a common issue for every multiracial country. Even though there are unequality here and there, we still managed to live in peace and harmony. At least we dont burn down any holy books or abusing others. We dont have to make a big fuss out of a little issue.
  • It took 200years for USA to achieved unity as Hishamuddin said. Therefore why dont we give time for Malaysia to develop and become a united country.
  • Stop complaining, stop being so radical. Lets work hard for it. If you want unity, lets be united.


adibah said...

whoaa! gila lah puteh! bravo! aku suka post ni serius and at the same time, touche~

LeSScAkAp said...

wow aku rasa macam baca article dalam times magazine la.

on a serious note;

i agree. y do we have to rush to achieve this unity? haven't they heard the saying, "slowly but surely"?

personally, i think, malaysia has achieved quite a lot for a young nation.

AKAB said...

Good one bro.

Americans united? I don't think so.

Mc Izzy said...

thank you friends ;)

just some thought of mine