Friday, October 22, 2010

100 storey Mega Tower

  • During the presentation of Malaysian Budget 2011, Dato' Seri Najib announced that there will be a mega project for the benefits of "rakyat".
  • This mega project involves a 100 storey building which named Warisan Merdeka. As a fact, it will be 12 stories taller than the mighty KLCC. How about that for a mega project?
  • Since then there are many debates going around, online and offline. So far I've seen many people oppose this mega project and calling it as a wastage of rakyat's money. There is also fast expanding Facebook page which disagree with the proposal.
  • Calm down a little bit people. Lets put our thinking hat for a while. Is it really a waste of money? Does the project brings more harm than good?
  • First of all, many people make a of noise saying that the money for the project should be used for more benificial cause such as education, public transportation etc.
  • In my POV, what the rakyat said is true to some extent. Looking at some of the basic facilities/needs in our country, there is a vast room for improvement. To be a modern country, government should really care about all this things since it involves directly to the rakyat.
  • We dont need another skyscraper when it is a pain in the ass to get a bus from Pudu to Cheras. No point at all!!
  • But on the other hand, lets think positively. The skyscraper might be a blessed in disguise. It might provide job opportunity for many Malaysian especially to the fresh graduates. Plus with the existence of the tower, it will change the landscape of the area. From a second class city, it might be a world class city with world class facilities.
  • This kind of issue is multifaceted and yielded many debate and discussion. As a world class citizen, we should approach this with a world class way. Its no use to bark around because nothing can be achieved just by yelling and being angry.
  • For me, I dont really mind about the building as long as duit rakyat is spent wisely.
  • Oh wait, does my TPM allowance included in the mega project?? No wonder I still dont get the money.
  • Woi bayar duit aq dulu woi!!!

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