Friday, March 19, 2010


  • A student comes to my room with face covered with sadness. She needs help.
  • A few weeks back something happened that really changed her course of life. Since the incident, she felt demotivated,stress and lonely.
  • Now, she is living an empty life. Everything is not going accordingly and she feels as if the world has turn its back on her. You know, that sucky and shitty feelings. Such a sad and sorry girl.
  • She wants to quit college. The reason is that she cannot focus on study anymore and her motivation is nowhere to be seen.
  • As I look at her, my mind is on rewind mode which takes me to my early days. When Limp Bizkit and baseball cap were the in things. She reminds me of the young Izzat.
  • I know, I need to do something to help her out. She is stressful and confuse. She really could use some guidance especially from an adult.
  • I open my mouth and said, "Awak pernah tak makan sambal belacan sambil minum air teh panas di warung yang panas terik?"
  • She answered " Pernah."
  • "Cemana rasa benda tu?Awak suka tak rasa benda tu?" I continue.
  • "Sakit sir. Pedih mulut. Muka pun peluh2. Saya tak suka. Tak tahan rasanyaKalo boleh tak nak".
  • "Macam tu la mak ayah awak rasa kalau awak berhenti belajar".
  • The girl just sit down and starts to cry.


wa said...

sgt die tgk iklan ptptn yg baru...very meaningful! :) let's help her!

emma said...

em..pity her..