Tuesday, March 9, 2010


  • Ive been using the name Billie Izzy(or sometimes Billy) for quite sometime now. As far as I can remember, I 'create' that name back in high school.
  • The name Billie is derived from my guitar hero, Billie Joe Armstrong. As the frontman of Greenday, he is one of my childhood hero. Full with punk attitude, charismatic and crazy,. I love him from head to toe!!
  • Izzy is basically the funky version of my name, Izzat. I got the name by imitating the nick name of Deryck Whibley (SUm 41) which is Bizzy D. Back than I think its kinda cool to have funky name like that. So when two ofmu guitar heroes combined together I got my pseudo name, Billie Izzy. Cool huh??
P/s Before billie izzy i got other pseudo names such as Solidsnake and Ot@con. ;P

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