Monday, March 1, 2010

Little words

  • Dont waste your time looking for something to be sad about. 24 hours aint just enough for that crappy stuff.
  • If you just broke up with your GF, fine. Cry a river. After a while, get up and move on with your life. Dont ask yourself questions that you yourself dont have the answer. Why she did this to me? Am I not good enough for her? Is she with someone else right now? To hell with the questions man!!
  • Do not go around in your stupid emotional circle that will trap you forever. Break the circle.Move foward. Walking in circle wont get you anywhere.
  • All Im saying is try to be positive. Dont have expectation. I mean ridiculous expectation. Know your capacity. Dont hope too much because with hope comes frustration. When you feel frustrate you wont be able to think rationally. Then you will become an emotional idiot. (Vijay 2010)
  • Everyday,try to find things that make you happy. Enjoy every little thing. If your friend bought you a cup of coffee, enjoy it. Make it as a reason fr you to smile and feel happy for the rest of the that. No matter how small the it is,it is still a pleasant surprise.
  • As a conclusion, dont go and waste your time to find something that would make you feel to commit suicide. Be positive. I know its hard but at least try.
  • Thank you.

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Amir Syafiq said...

expectation kills!