Monday, March 1, 2010


  • Once I fell for a Japanese look-alike girl. She has the look of beautiful Nihon actress. Fair complexion. Small pointy eyes. Nice bobcut hair. Almost perfect,for me. ;D
  • She was preparing for her A-level at that time. A brilliant girl. No doubt about it.
  • Im so into her that Im turning Japanese without me realizing it. everything I did, I did it in a Japanese way. Crazy stuff man!!
  • When its time for her to go abroad, I felt sad. I wanted to tell her about my feelings but I just dont have the guts. Everytime she stood in front of me, I will lost my speaking ability. All I did was looking at her Japanese face and listened to her Japanese (maybe) story.
  • Every night I will be dreaming bout us being together. I imagined that before she leave, we will have a picture together at KLIA. I will put the picture on a table besides my bed or maybe beside my computer. Haha!
  • The time came, she flew to US and left me without knowing my feelings towards her. I managed to say goodbye but still didnt have the courage to tell the truth.
  • Since she left, I began to lose my Japaneseness slowly. Now not even a cell in my body is Japanese anymore. Im a real Malay, just like the time when I was born. Back to basic.
  • The morale of the story is, even in Malaysia you can find a Japanese girl.
  • Thank you.

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Amir Syafiq said...

dulu aku ada ingat, kau simpan perasaan kat tunangan seorang artis yang agak ternama.haha.