Tuesday, January 26, 2010


  • It feels like karma. I have faced the same kind of situation before. Its January, the weather is hot and I have lots of things to do. Half naked in front of my computer, torturing my mind with something that sometimes dont make any sense to me. Great!
  • Well, that is my life for the time being. Not that Im not enjoying my life, but it is just not the same as it was before. Tis is the kind of life I chose. So i have to face it whether I like it or not.
  • Doing Master degree is not so tough as I thought. To quote what Dr Vijay said " All you need to do is spend 6 hours per day for two years. Then you'll ave your master degree." Easy huh?
  • One of these days I need to get away from my routine life. At least for a while. I need to refresh my mind or else I will live a sordid life which Im not prefer to do. Im thinking of going to Palestine. Yes, Palsetine. I want to do my part as a muslim and help te Palestinian.
  • Maybe by visiting Palestine I will appreciate my life more. I still ave so much to learn about the meaning of life. As my lecturer said "There is more to life than yourself. Dig deep, find your own voice and dance your own dance".
  • I lov my life. [^.^]v

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