Tuesday, January 5, 2010


  • It is the fifth day of 2010. So far 2010 is being kind to me. Tank you 2010. Don't be cruel like 2009.
  • This year my life is changing yet again. Im a teacher-student now. Teacher in the morning, student in the evening. One thing for sure, it is not an easy job. I need to really divide my time well. I cant lose focus for a split second or i'll end up straying out of my course.
  • Its been a while since I push my self so hard. My body must be surprised by the sudden workload that it has to bare. If my body can talk, it would probably scream and shout to me. "why do you make me do all these hard works? I want to rest. I want to be on the bed where it is comfy and nice".
  • Then I would reply "Come on Mr Body. Just bare with it for another two years. After that I would spoil you with spa visit twice a week, an Osim massage chair and the comfort of Honda Civic Type R's sofa."
  • After that Mr Body nod his head and flash a dazzling smile towards me.
  • I love Mr Body. Thank you.

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